Yadanar My Is Considering Carefully For Her Rightful Soul Mate

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Yadanar My is one of the famous local female singers and she is now preparing her mini music album. She is also preparing MTV for her song “Thu Ti Say”. She was asked about her activities in music industry and also her love affair.
She is preparing to mini album to release on coming June. There will be six songs in that album and her mother’s song “Ywat Hlay Ma” is one of them. In that music album, none of the song was written by her although she used to write the songs for other people. If she will insert her own written song, there will be eight or nine songs. This time she uses only the songs from songwriters. Yadanar My will try to delivery MTV of “Thu Ti Say” into hand of her fans within end of this year. Currently she is concentrating on mini music album. The production cost of MTV is expensive and she is expecting to release MTV end of this year. Even the music industry is not good as before, she does not upset due to her hobby is singing. She is also helping her parent by singing so that she never feels upset about music albums.
Advertisements Yadanar My still does not have nothing to inform to her fans regarding her love affair. If she has confirmation about it, she will let her fans know. Currently she is giving priority on arteries rather than love affair. Whether 528 love or 1500 love, all kind of loves are necessary for people. But relationship is very important for girl especially the girls in nowadays. Life cannot be built with only love. So that she wants everyone consider carefully about love.
Yadanar My still cannot confirm that her soul mate will be same race or not. She thinks nobody can predict the fortune and she still does not know who will be her rightful soul mate. She did not piss off about love affair but she was heart broken before. Now she has nothing about heart broken and time is healing it. Advertisements Tweet Label: Singers, Yadanar My
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