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New face model girl Moe Yamone is standing as a photo model and she was asked about her life for interview session. Moe Yamone is stepping back into the modeling industry not so long yet and she was in the field before. She couldn’t give time for doing it so that she quit from field.
Now she has more time to do it and photo shooting is initial activities to step into the field. She was helping family business and she was really inconvenience to work both. Since she has more free time, she will continue arteries works. She worked as photo model mainly and she usually do photo shootings. Moreover, she has hobby to do acting so that she casted in her friends’ MTVs and others.
Moe Yamone really likes current modeling industry since her avid hobby was photo shooting. She opened a beauty saloon as her own business in Kawkareik city where her father is living at there. She herself still does not satisfy yet and she does not think she is perfect. She is not perfect in everything and her friends used to tease her that “You are not beautiful at all”. Since she is working a professional model, she is controlling her body structure by doing gym. She eats everything as usual and her body is neither easy to fat nor easy to thin. So that it is really comfortable to play gym one or two hours. She usually eats a lot of foods because she loses weight whenever she is tired due to traveling.
Advertisements She has nothing special about life style. She just used to go out and eat foods with her friends or family together. Some people recognize her as sexy model girl and some even term her worse than it. Some people say she is doing pornography photo shootings although she is not doing such thing. She prefers to have photo shootings in daring and fashionable style. Although she is getting offers to do pornography photos shootings, she declined it because she does not want to do it. Even she is doing her hobby, she really concerns about her fans and environment. It is seem to be rude if she ignore her fans’ opinion especially in Myanmar.
It is the most important to do self-control to avoid walking into wrong ways. She becomes a photo model due to her hobby but she control herself since the people recognized her as sexy model girl. There might be some misunderstanding and there are many photos which she likes but she still dares not to show them in public. She afraid of the people will call her as pornography photo model. Nowadays many people are talking about sponsor. She was told that she is looking for the sponsor by taking photos. She really wants to laugh when the people talk to her like that.
Photo Credit to: Thein Zaw Win She love all of the audiences either lovers or haters. She never hate the people and she even cannot hate the people if even they talk about her bad thing. She really appreciates all her fans who criticize about her. Advertisements Tweet Label: Model Girls, Moe Yamone
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