May Grace Thinks Myanmar Traditional Dress Is The Most Beautiful Fashion In The World

 May Grace Thinks Myanmar Traditional Dress Is The Most Beautiful Fashion In The World Hot ModelAmazing Girl May Grace Thinks Myanmar Traditional Dress Is The Most Beautiful Fashion In The World Burmese GirlBurmese ModelMyanmar ModelCute ModelCute Girl

May Grace feels very proud to do photo shootings for magazine covers. She likes to wear Myanmar traditional dress and especially she likes more ancient Myanmar traditional dress. The dress is very beautiful even though it is ancient one. Wearing Myanmar traditional dresses is her favorite because it is “The beauty dress in the world”. Myanmar dresses make her looks elegant and grand. So that she is so proud of it.
May Grace casted in “Angel Of Adam” film movie with Sai Sai Kham Hlaing directed by Mee Pwar. She just recently finished her grade-12 and she will stay in Myanmar 6 months more. She will continue her education in foreign and she will be back to Myanmar after finishing her education. It will take four years long. She is giving more time on her education but she is willing to continue her arteries. She will do arteries activities continuously after finishing her education.
There might be some disconnected with her fans within four years during she is away. She will be back to arteries world not the time her fans forget her totally. But she will try her best in arteries world after she is coming back. She is interested in most of the activities regarding arteries. She is interested in both catwalk and acting so that there is no specific one. She is trying so hard regarding arteries and she wants to know what she can do in the field.
She defines the definition of arteries in different way. She thinks arteries means presenting what your feelings whether soft or hard until you can control it. She grows up in Myanmar and she can speak Burmese language since she was young. But she lived in foreign country very long time and she was away from Burmese language so that her Burmese language skill is poor. But she tries to speak and her language skill is better now. She is also learning Burmese language writing and speaking skills.
May Grace is hybrid Australia-Burmese, her mother is Burmese and her father is Australian. She is a Buddhist and she was born in May. Burmese food and Thai food are her favorite. She has never been in Kachin State and Tanintharyi Region in Myanmar. She used to learn about fashion via Internet and TV shows. She always watch Fashion TV, Projects Runway and America’s Next Top Model shows. But her favorite fashion is Myanmar traditional dress and she is it is the most beautiful fashion in the world. Advertisements Tweet Label: May Grace Parry, Model Girls
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