Audiences Notice Pan Yaung Chel As A Cute Singer

 Audiences Notice Pan Yaung Chel As A Cute Singer Cute ModelBurmese Model Audiences Notice Pan Yaung Chel As A Cute Singer Cute GirlCute ModelBurmese Girl

Daughter of Singer Garay Ham, Pan Yaung Chel becomes a popular singer accepted by audiences and many people recognize her as a cute female singer. She created her music album “Wake Up Daddy” with her father together during she came back to Myanmar for a while from studying in Australia. But she is preparing her solo music album now.
She is trying to release her solo music album within this year and all the songs are finished in written. All the songs are Pop and R&B which are her style. She said her fans would be satisfied about that music album. Her father told her that the music album is first one for her so that she needs to follow her fan’s demand. She is also trying her best. Although she accepts the events to sing and she is also casting in TV commercial programs, she is concentrating mainly on her solo music album.
Advertisements Pan Yaung Chel wanted to be a singer since she was young. But her mother asked her to do when she finished her high school and she studied hard. Since her father does not create music album any more seven years long, her mother advised her to create a music album together with her father. Making “Wake Up Daddy” music album was her mother’s suggestion. The fans of Garay Ham listened that music album and they noticed her as a daughter of Garay Ham. So that she has thanks on both her father and his fans.
She got break after finishing high school due to heavy stress and she has one year break. She has right to continue her education at university but she took one year break. Then she is back and forth Australia and Myanmar by continuing studying in university. She is studying Architecture in DWA University at Parade city, Australia. Her real hobby is singing but her mother wants her to give priority on education. She and her mother has plans to open Architecture company after finishing her school. Her mother also has hobby to do designing houses and Pan Yaung Chel will work with her mother together.
Pan Yaung Chel wants to learn playing Piano regarding musical skill and she got a scholarship for music subject. She has a small music group in Australia and she created the songs with other international students. Advertisements Tweet Label: Pan Yaung Chel, Singers
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