May Myint Mo Reveals That She Has Boyfriend

 May Myint Mo Reveals That She Has Boyfriend Burmese GirlBurmese Girl May Myint Mo Reveals That She Has Boyfriend Myanmar ModelHot MyanmarPretty GirlHot Model

May Myit Mo got supporting from audiences via MRTV-4 movie series called “Pann Nu Twe”. Later she could catch elderly and young audiences with her sweet smile. Arteries star May Myint Mo was selected as the cover star of 8days journal.
Q: What are your current arteries activities?
A: I am casting in “Master Of Fortune, Lord Of Debt” movie series of MRTV-4. It will show on year 2017 and I casted in some TV commercial programs and MTVs.
Q: Are you casting in only movie series?
A: I have contract with MRTV-4 so that I will cast in one movie series per year.
Q: What about your education?
A: I have finished in Law and waiting for graduation ceremony.
Q: Will you work as lawyer?
A: I am interested to be a lawyer and I have hobby about it. If there is time, I will work as lawyer.
Q: Are you working arteries jobs because of money and getting attention from people?
A: It is not. To be an actress is my dream job. I used to practice about acting skill whenever I have watched movies. I am working arteries job not for popularity.
Q: What arteries job does change you?
A: Since the beginning of actress career, there are people who welcome and who are jealous. I hid my tear. I gain a lot of social experiences and I am childish anymore as before.
Advertisements Q: How would you want to go through your future?
A: I want to be a successful actress who the audiences love. I want to go through my life without worrying and happily.
Q: Is there any interesting issue about your life to make a movie?
A: I think there is nothing special in my life. I studied from K.G to grade 10 at No.(1) Dagon. There is nothing special to talk about her life until now since my childhood.
Q: Do you have anything to say about love?
A: I do not have to talk about love. I do not like worry about love and I do not want to lie that I do not have boyfriend. I do have boyfriend. But I want to have peaceful love affair.
Q: Have you love anyone before? Did you love someone after or after entering into arteries world?
A: Yes, I loved someone before. I know him when I stepped into arteries world before I was known by anyone.
Q: How does your boyfriend look like?
A: His style is easy and stable. I do not like the boy who are ladykiller. Advertisements Tweet Label: Actresses, May Myint Mo
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