Suzi Learned Life Experiences During Living In Japan Five Years Long

 Suzi Learned Life Experiences During Living In Japan Five Years Long Hot MyanmarBurmese Girl Suzi Learned Life Experiences During Living In Japan Five Years Long Cute ModelCute GirlBurmese Model

When every people reach elderly age, they gain good cogitation and thought from their lifetime experiences and hardships in works. Artists also had to go through many hardships and experiences to gain success. Some of their life experiences and thoughts are described at below.
Suzi did not know how to learn about life when she was staying under shadow of parents. She was illiberal girl and impudent girl before. She was also lack of sympathy. She learned lesson when she was in Japan. She does not have any relative at there and she lived on at there alone. Although her parents pay for tuition fee for her, she worked as waitress. She used to complain the waiter if they take longer time to serve whenever she goes to restaurant. But when she worked as part-time waitress, she was complained then she learned about sympathize. She cried when she received her first wage for working as waitress.
Her parents did not ask her to do but she wanted to earn extra money by working. Meantime she became understand more on love of parents. She used to waste the foods whenever she went out with friends. She sometimes had to eat instant noodle when she was studying in Japan. She more realized the value of income for own effort.
All human are born to be death. She learned many lessons for her life and staying in Japan was big change for her. Suzi went to Japan in year 2007 and return back in year 2013. There was earthquake in year 11st March 2011. She was supposed to attend graduation ceremony on 15th March 2011. She was planned to invite her parents for ceremony but they could not come due to earthquake. What she learned was people whether rich or poor could not do anything if they die accidentally. She learned complacence and to give more time for family. Advertisements Tweet Label: Singers, Suzi
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