Response Of Soe Thu On Accusations Of Her Ex-Wife In Videos

 Response Of Soe Thu On Accusations Of Her Ex-Wife In Videos Myanmar ModelCute Model Response Of Soe Thu On Accusations Of Her Ex-Wife In Videos Hot MyanmarCute ModelCute ModelBurmese GirlHot ModelBurmese GirlCute Model

This is the explanation of Soe Thu regarding his previous and current marriage affair. He said his friends and fans advised him to do explanation about current problems since early. What happening right now is not a problem and he does not want to solve it on social media so that he announced about divorce his ex-wife on newspaper with his lawyer U Nay La on 1st January 2016. (He did not use the word in newspaper that his ex-wife is adulteress). His ex-wife also announced on him due to damn on his announcement. Her announcement says that he married her legally in Myanmar so that divorce in United States is not legal. If he will marry another woman, she will sue him.
Soe Thu thinks he does not need to process further due to he divorced her at Montgomery County Court in Maryland State, United States. He did not response on every attack on his dignity because of his daughter. He wants to keep on right way and she can sue him if she really thinks she is right. People want to criticize him that he does not care his daughter. He said every parent want to take care their children. He pretended in front of his daughter like he has a good marriage affair. Eventually his daughter called 911 and reported to police “My Mum is trying to kill my Dad”. He hopes his daughter understands that situation.
Advertisements Soe Thu and his father took the responsibility for her daughter's tuition fee during she is staying in Myanmar. He does not wish his daughter would be in tight corner if he will meet her without having permission. His ex-wife still does not accept the negotiation for his daughter and the lawyer will say about it in detail on his page. Actually he does not want to reveal. He just love arteries works and live peacefully so that he wants to give pleasure to his fan with his arteries. There is not easy to explain as a gentleman on every baseless accusations of a woman. If she really thinks she is totally right, sue him at any court in any country. He is ready to face it. As a mother of daughter, her behave is giving more troubles to her daughter. His lawyer will process in detail further, he wants to conclude that his word does not mean harm to other good ladies.
He married in short time was his main fault and he cannot tolerate anymore on insulting his mother everyday. Soe Thu’s mother was not the one criticize on others as she mentioned. She does not interfere on his marriage affair and his family knows the best about it. His mother did not talk at all to her since end of the year 2001 until she passed. Soe Thu denies every wrong words and attacks on him. Now he really regrets that he pretended as marriage affair is good and he hid his real affair due to avoid her daughter feel sad. His ex-wife claimed for freedom and requested in court to divorce. He accepted request and divorce her legally at court.
His lawyer has every recorded affidavit voice on court. His ex-wife admitted in front of judge that they are not living together under same roof since 28th February 2013. She needs to take the responsibility on what she said and he will not explain anymore about that woman on his page. He becomes intolerance and he is always ready to fulfill everything for her daughter. He will process further with his lawyer together by law and he has announcement to release on newspaper. He repeated that instead of attacking using baseless words, sue him at any court in any country. He believes she will do in that way if she really is a ladylike woman. Advertisements Tweet Label: Celebrity Life Style, Soe Myat Nandar
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