Fans Of Aye Myat Thu Keep Asking When Is Her Wedding?

 Fans Of Aye Myat Thu Keep Asking When Is Her Wedding? Myanmar ModelBurmese Model Fans Of Aye Myat Thu Keep Asking When Is Her Wedding? Cute ModelBurmese Girl

Currently Aye Myat Thu who is famous for her film “ Ma Aye Pwint, Myint Myint San, 30 street”, involved in “It was Yesterday” series as a role of Policewoman Khat Khat Khine. In this series there is only detective for crime and not include fighting scene.
“This series has not included fighting scene. Just for detective. This series is so good and audiences will like it. Camera angle are also good. And It costs a lot of time. Many cuts are change between scenes. Every cuts we make carefully and so I think audiences will like this.” said Aye Myat Thu. This series will be show during December. Aye Myat Thu also walked with Wedding dress for 3th anniversary of Dior Photograph shop in Bridal Fashion & Music Concert. So, about her wedding to wear wedding dress for herself, she said.
“It takes time. I am now old enough to make decision surely. If I do something, I don’t want something wrong or delete. So, I am now in this age and the older I become, the more difficult to make wrong. When I was young, it is accepted to make wrong because of crazy. Now I am old and I don’t want to wrong. The older I become more serious for my decision and the more correct my decision. So I become more serious and more thinking” said Aye Myat Thu. Advertisements Tweet Label: Actresses, Aye Myat Thu
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