Childhood Of Nan Su Yati Soe Who Is With Fair Skin And Airy Body Structure

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This article is about childhood of actress singer Nan Su Yati Soe and her memories of childhood life. She was born on 18th September 1987 in Yangon. Her family members gave her nickname as “Nan Su” and her father is U Soe Lin, her mother is Daw Tin Tin Win, she is the second one among her siblings.
Nan Su Yati Soe really had fun during her childhood life and her parents cares and love her. Her father was working in Japan when she was child so that she is closer to her mother than her father. She used to consult everything with her mother and her mother is necessary for her life. She played happily as a child passing her childhood life. Her mother wants her to concentrate on academic so she did. She studied at No. (1) B.E.H.S, Dagon and she graduated 10th grade from there. Friends of Nan Su comment she is active and happy girl. She always thinks on other people’s side and she is very friendly. After she finished matriculation examination, she chose to study at Pharmacy Specialist University.
She was offered to cast in Bio Soft Shampoo advertisement since she studied in 10th grade and it was her first step into the arteries field. The audiences noticed her from that advertisement. She has hobby in singing as well so that she formed a singer group called “Black Rose” and sung the songs. Her fans accepted her performances in Bio Soft, Doru and Mistine TVCs, Hotshot, Ah Lann Zayar, Ah Lann Lon Ah Lon Lann film movies. Especially she gains supporting from teenager fans due to her modern fashion always match her fair skin and airy body structure. She sung the “Mom Will Not Like” song with “Black Rose” singer group in Rock & Rap music album released in 2015. Later “Black Rose” music group does not continue with several reasons and she did only for her solo music albums. Her first song “Mom Will Not Like” got attention from audiences and they like. The song becomes popular because it is about what happening among the teenagers. She entertained in music concert and group music album.
Since she can be found in video and film movies very often, she started to produce her first solo music album called “Neither Care Rain Nor Wind”. She produced her second solo music album named “Forward”. She works as singer and actress in arteries world. She gained another big supporting from audiences again with casting in MTV for the song “Khin Kyi Kyal” of Sai Sai Kham Hleng. Sai Sai offered her to cast in that MTV and he thought she is the one matched with the character in the song. Audiences like the way she acted in MTV and she is very pleased for supporting of audiences. She has hobby in reading since she was young and she is one of the fans of writer Bay Myint and Gyu. Advertisements Tweet Label: Celebrity Fashion, Nan Su Yati Soe
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