Patricia Wants To Be Like As Senior Actresses

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Patricia who is getting supporting of audiences took the photos with local celebrities at her childhood. Nowadays she is casting in movies with some of those celebrities.
She told about it to actress Eaindra Kyaw Zin (Oo Wel) that there are actresses just like Oo Wel at her childhood. Her whole family likes acting style, fashion and hairstyle of Oo Wel. She likes her so much and she took the photos with her together. Oo Wel is casting in movie with her together and she still looks so young.
Although Patricia took the photos with celebrities together, she did not expect to be an actress. She likes to watch the TV commercial program casted by Htet Htet Moe Oo during her childhood. She follows the acting of TV commercial program in front of mirror. She never thought she would become an actress. She was not fashionable when she was young. She just applied the Thanaka on her cheek and tied her hair so that everyone said she looks ugly. Actress Myat Kayti Aung from arteries world is her aunt. She used to look the movie shooting of her aunt when she was young.
Patricia frequently went to event and meet with celebrities since her aunt is an actress. She also met actress Moh Moh Myint Aung. They used to have movie shooting at Innyar Lake and she always go to look the movie shooting after finishing her classes. The main reason of she envy her aunt is she is endured. Her aunt used to admonish her that never reveals what you have in mind, how to stay and how to endure. If you are trying hard, she will reach your goal someday. Her aunt also helped her in the other hand. Her conviction is she wants to be like as seniors. Advertisements Tweet Label: Actresses, Patricia @ Sue Sha Naing
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