I Want To Be A Woman Who Can Shine In The Hands Of An Able Creator, Aye Myat Thu

 I Want To Be A Woman Who Can Shine In The Hands Of An Able Creator, Aye Myat Thu Burmese GirlCute Girl I Want To Be A Woman Who Can Shine In The Hands Of An Able Creator, Aye Myat Thu Pretty GirlCute GirlHot MyanmarAmazing GirlCute Girl

Aye Myat Thu is this week’s cover star of 8days Journal. She is currently filming MRTV-4 movie series and Travel Guide Programs.
Therefore, the very first question is asking her to talk about her Travel Guide Program. She answered that the program was being shot by Expedition Myanmar. Recently, they had finished filming in Tanin Thari and Karen State. MRTV-4 also has plans to air them in November. She and her team have been searching for the already existing beauties in Myanmar and filming them. When watching the program, the viewers should feel as if they are going along on a trip with Aye Myat Thu. The person who initiated the offer to her to film this program is Director Saing Lone. The programs are shot in a naturalistic style, which is probably why he chose Aye Myat Thu. Aye Myat Thu is self-confessed to have a bit of a boyish attitude. She also loves traveling. When it comes to traveling, instead of going on relaxing vacations, she is someone who prefers adventurous hikes through mountains and jungles, with just a bag on her.
Advertisements Can she recount something memorable from one of her trips? She replied that there are so many memorable moments. Since she was going to places she had never been before, apart from pleasure, there were so many new and exciting experiences. At the beginning of filming, she just had the thought that she liked traveling. And she was simply happy with it. But after some period of doing this job, it suddenly seemed to take on a deeper meaning. She started to have the belief that the beauties of our country should be maintained and taken care of well. She also feels proud that her own country has just as many beautiful attractions as other foreign countries people aspire to visit. And most importantly, she wants to present these beautiful places on the screen for all to know about them.
Coming to the topic of her image, people are saying she takes a lot of seductive photo shoots. What does she think of that herself? She reasons that according to her age, she no longer wants to do provocative photo shoots. She feels that Myanmar women over 30 years of age should be more reserved in their dressing style and behavior. However, she is an actress, and she aspires to be an actress who is able to play all kinds of characters. And she definitely does not want to be a person who always plays characters with only seductive styles. She can be suited with a simple, naturalistic style. However, under the hands of a creative person who can change her colors, she wants to be able to efficiently change her colors(looks) as well. This flexibility is something she always tries hard to achieve. However, maybe the viewing audience may have become fixated on her seductive styles and assume she is always into this style.
It could also be because she started out her career as a model. As a model, she had a lot of charisma. Her way of walking was very alluring. Since the audience had gotten so used to seeing her in this style, they may still think Aye Myat Thu and seductive appeal go one in one always. And also, the offers she started to get as an actress were for these seductive women roles. However, she no longer wants to be just an attractive actress. She wants to be a woman who can shine under the hands of an artistic and able creator, in just exactly the way the creator has in mind. Advertisements Tweet Label: Aye Myat Thu, Celebrity Fashion
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