Soe Myat Nandar Will Consider To Marry Someone Who Will Good On Her Son

 Soe Myat Nandar Will Consider To Marry Someone Who Will Good On Her Son Myanmar ModelPretty Girl Soe Myat Nandar Will Consider To Marry Someone Who Will Good On Her Son Amazing GirlHot Myanmar

Soe Myat Nandar opens silks clothes shop and the shop name is “Karat Silk”. Soe Myat Nandar is giving more time for the shop and if she is in mood, she goes for movie shooting. She prefers to do business and she creates own design. She often goes to foreign country for shop and tailor room. The job is seen to be easy but there is no such easy job. There also needs to try hard to be an actress as well as doing own business. She needs to think to create new designs, many talks to people and train the employee. If there is misunderstanding with customer, the design of dress will change. It is the main issue she need to be careful.
Avid interest of Soe Myat Nandar is doing business and she is interested in Myanmar traditional Hta Main. Nowadays customers want to dress different design from others and they request to create new designs. She like to create new designs and if they like her creation, she feels satisfy. If they do not like, she repeats the work until they like. She is an actress and worked in arteries world so that her fans become her customer. Her shop success easily in short period rather than ordinary people because of her actress name. She is discussing with other three friends to open chain-store and expend new business.
Even she got the offer to act with actor Aung Ye Linn in Bangkok, she was not able accept it. She had things to works, her employee will have to take break, her friends also have to go to Singapore with business purpose, her son also wanted to visit to Pyin Oo Lwin, so that she declined the offer. She will have to release something if she wants to do something else. She will act in movie gradually and regularly. She will select the movie only match with her and she won’t accept every offers to act in movie like as before. She wants to show her good performance only.
No one is interested in love affair of Soe Myat Nandar due to she is getting old. If there is something change, she will tell in advance. She just thinks for her son Myat Thaw Mg whatever she is doing now. If there is anything good for him, she will consider it because she is not at the age to select boyfriends. Advertisements Tweet Label: Celebrity Life Style, Soe Myat Nandar
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