Nan Su Oo Feels Glad When People Say She Looks Like Eaindra Kyaw Zin

 Nan Su Oo Feels Glad When People Say She Looks Like Eaindra Kyaw Zin Burmese ModelMyanmar Model Nan Su Oo Feels Glad When People Say She Looks Like Eaindra Kyaw Zin Hot Model

The traditional Burmese New Year Festival, or Thingyan as it is called, is starting to draw near. During this waiting period for the Myanmar Thingyan Festival’s arrival, a lot of movies revolving around Thingyan Festival as a background of their plots, and Thingyan songs are usually constantly on air. Before the festival season of this year, there is a Thingyan-themed movie set to hit theatres. Named “Thingyan Museum”, its plot combines Myanmar Thingyan’s liveliness, amusements, excitements, as well as the rhythm of young people’s heartbeats. Apart from starring Sai Sai Kham Hlaing and Khin Wint War, it also features Nan Su Oo as a tragic character who had to sacrifice her own heart’s desire so that the boy she one-sidedly loves and her best friend could be happy together. Today we sit down with Nan Su Oo to talk about her working on the “Thingyan Museum” film back at a time when she had very little acting experience.
The movie was actually shot about two years ago. We ask her to talk about memories of her time on the set during the filming. She answers that this was the movie she worked on when she first became an actress, about two years ago. This was also the first movie where she met and worked under director U Myo Min. Also, she had received calls from Sai Sai and Khin Sander Myint asking for her to work on the movie with them. Even though she was a newcomer at that time, she tried to give a performance to highest ability she had then in her acting range. It had to be shot and completed during Thingyan time, so the filming was hurried. She had to work quite hard from what she remembers. Some nights, they were filming till daybreak.
As she has mentioned, she was a new-comer actress while working on the film. So looking at the film in the present time, what does she feel is lacking about her performance? She muses that two years ago, she did not yet understand the camera estimates, such as what kinds of postures would allow her face to show clearly in the shots and so on. Looking back at her expressions in acting, a lot also seemed to be lacking. It was true that she had tried to the best of the ability she possessed at that time. However, looking back now, she sees a lot of weaknesses. That’s why she would like to request for understanding from the fans who are eagerly awaiting the film as this was her first ever film she had ever acted in.
Was there anything significantly memorable about the filming of “Thingyan Museum”? What is clear in her memory is that fact that she got exhausted quite a lot during the filming of it. There was a time where she had to film an extremely emotional crying scene until 3 a.m. There were also all-nighters, filming the whole night until the rays of sunlight started coming in the morning. However, in the present when she watches the whole movie again, she would discover some of her scenes that she had worked so hard on had been cut out off the final picture. This does make her a bit sad. Advertisements What does she want to tell her audience regarding this movie? She replies that she anticipates this will be a nice, feel-good Thingyan movie for them. Just before the Thingyan Festival arrives, the movie will be in theatres so it will be a movie the audience can enjoy themselves with while waiting for the actual Thingyan. So she would like to invite all fans to go see it at the cinema.
The character she portrayed in “Thingyan Museum” was quite vivid. At that point in time, how did she set her mind to come up with such a performance? She maintains that at that time, her understanding of the art of performance was very slight. Her acting experience was also very little. Therefore, she just strictly followed Director U Myo’s instructions and acted exactly in the way that he wanted. However, she thinks the movie as a whole is quite a good end product.
Now that she has passed through a few years in the industry, what are the major changes in herself, in her opinion? Mainly, she thinks that after learning and getting more practice, she has gained more knowledge regarding acting. Nowadays, she has also been getting opportunities to play different types of characters in her movies.
Some people have commented that some of her expressions and mannerisms are similar to actress Eindra Kyaw Zin. How does she feel about that? She says humbly that Eindra Kyaw Zin is a senior actress she so deeply respects. Some of her fans have observed that she looks similar to the veteran actress. However, she herself does not dare to compare herself to Eindra Kyaw Zin. She is a well-established actress she loves a lot, so she does feel very glad and happy when people say she looks like Eindra Kyaw Zin. Advertisements Tweet Label: Celebrity Fashion, Nan Su Oo

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