May Pan Che Does Not Want To Be Popular Due To Photos

 May Pan Che Does Not Want To Be Popular Due To Photos Cute ModelHot Model May Pan Che Does Not Want To Be Popular Due To Photos Cute GirlCute GirlCute GirlPretty ModelCute Girl

May Pan Che becomes popular on Facebook page due to her sexy photos and she can be found on movie series, video movies and film movies. She was chosen to introduce to the audiences through the cover of 8 Days journal’s star. She went to Thailand for Real Slim diet pill advertisement, check up her knee problem and doing shopping. May people think she distribute those kind of photo because she wants to popular. But she declines about it. When she is shooting the photo she gives priority the recommendation of photography rather than hers regarding the fashion dresses. They used to pick up the suitable dresses for her. It is not she wanted to do it so and she just uploaded her magazine cover photo.
Although the people say her body has good looking but she does not feel in same way, May Pan Che said regarding the photos comparing other model girl at online. The model who was compared with her is very beautiful and she is one of her fan. When the people upload the photos with comparison with her, she does not respond anything. Even some people ask her whose body is more beautiful, she answer her body is better. She just has shabby body. She does not feel she is popular and she does not want to be popular. She just wants to be good actress because she is mainly working on acting. She does not want to be popular due to photos.
She got many experiences during 7 years long in entertainment industry. She was not mature when she started step into that field at 19 years old. Whenever she feels depressed, she cries alone. Now she is 25 years old and she think she becomes mature. If the people attack her, she never takes it. Some of her fans ask her why she is still acting in second place even she is good in acting. She is waiting the chance to get the leading role. Everyone want to be leading role and she waits someone will give her the opportunity in right way. If she keeps going in this way, she will have only on second role and supporting role. So that she will make it happen by herself. She expected someone who will give her the leading role. Sometime she was switched on supporting role which can expect the academy award. She thinks she might have weakness or not good in communication skill. She does not want to wait anymore so that she will produce the movies by herself. She wants to produce the movie but it is not main reason that she wants to be an actress. She will be satisfied if she will get a character.
She will give that project to a director who can trust and the director will choose depend on the budget. The movie will be comedy and she will consider on the business purpose too. She is still on the discussion about that project. May Pan Che does not have boyfriend yet recently and she was broken with him. She will choose the one who can protect and lead her. She is alone currently and she will not give priority on love. She gave priority on love before when she was teenager. She had a boyfriend and she consider her for her whole life. After she consider carefully she just break up and now she meets somebody else. If even ex boyfriend will propose her with correcting his mistake, she won’t accept him anymore. Advertisements Tweet Label: Actresses, May Pan Che
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