Kachin Native Attractive Model Girl M Seng Lu

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You can see a Kachin native model girl with cutie face on cover of magazine and journal these days frequently. Her photos are also popular among the Facebook users because of her queer attractive style. She is M Seng Lu.
Her home town is Myitkyina and she often goes back to town. She studied in Geography major at distance education. She used to watch internet to make her fashion is different from others. She always learns who are wearing which fashion style and she modified it with her own idea. Everyone will like if they are told that look like Korean celebrity. Many people say that she looks like a Korean celebrity and they think she much looks like Yoon Eun Hye (Princess Hour). When she was at 8 grade, most of the people think she has her lip. K Pop also influence on everyone and she is also one of the crazy of K Pop. She is interested in entertainment industry because of K Pop and it is her main crazy. Many viewers of the photos of M Seng Lu comment that she is sexy. But she declines about those comments and she is not sexy, she is just hot. She likes to wear Jean and T-Shirts.
M Seng Lu prefers to wear shirt, shorts, hat and rubber shoe when the weather is hot. She tries to have freedom style but she selects the dresses depending on events. Currently she is very much interested in modeling and she will be an actress depending on giving the chance by god. She also has hobby in traveling. She wants to be a flight attendant when she was young. She thinks there is no such most beautiful part on her body and she did not have chance to pick. It is created by god and she likes every creation of the god. She like hot style but sometimes her acting becomes cute. She never too much shows off part of her body. There is no much criticize and if even there is, it will be finished soon. Some people ask her “do you like to show off your belly?”. She replied in her mind that “Of course, I do like.”. When she has been told like that, she feels depression.
She has many idols in entertainment industry and she inspired everyone from arteries world in Myanmar. She thinks everybody are better than her, everyone from acting and modeling are perfect. She learns from everyone and there is no specific person for her. The fashion is the necessary for everyone and it is 80% part of people’s life. Nowadays many girls from Yangon are buying fashion stuffs. Advertisements Tweet Label: M Seng Lu, Model Girls
Credit - www.myanmarcuties.com

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