J Naw Maria Respects Love Of Audiences

 J Naw Maria Respects Love Of Audiences Cute ModelCute Girl J Naw Maria Respects Love Of Audiences Hot Myanmar

Kachin ethnic girl J Naw, who interested in modeling and come to Yangon from Kachin State. She competes 2014 Miss Universe Myanmar and enter to modeling field. Before this competition she come to Yangon to want to do a model.
“I came to Yangon to become a model before this competition. I studied about modeling. I can’t study clearly that time. When I got Miss Huawei Title at Miss universe Competition, the company call me to involve in an advertisement with Ma Kit Kit (Wut Hmone Shwe Ye). From then I do my act directly”. “I came to Yangon because I want modeling life. The reason why I compete Miss Universe Myanmar is whatever Miss Universe is the biggest Miss competition in Myanmar. The year when I compete is the second time that compete in Myanmar. So I compete this competition, I get more fans. The audience know me too. And then I will on the way that I want. So I compete this competition.
Advertisements About no competition in other Miss competition she said, “There has no reason. The one I want to do is just a model. So I want to exist on run way and I like photo shoot. When I compete these I give my time. There are many stress too. Besides I will delete many work that I accepted. So I will lose my income get from my work. Finally, if there is no result that I expected, I will be sad. But I am not competing because I can’t stand that stress. I prefer in model then to compete Miss. I please more too”. “When I get opportunity to enter actor field, I will try too. There are many work I want to do. Currently I keep them as top secret. I will tell in time. Besides, I will enter or not in competition is depends on my fans. Currently my fan want to see me as a Miss. So I want to compete for them. They want me to become a representative of Myanmar, and put on crown and go to international. I can’t go on my work when there is no fan. I can’t stand too. So I am ready to pleasure my fans. If I enter competition, I always prepare for ready” said by J Naw about her future plans.
“I gave promise to my fans and so I will show my love to them for respect their love. Not only to miss competition but also in a modeling I’ll try. They want me to compete in international competition, so I will compete one that suit me. But I can’t say when”. About her standard in model she said, “I respect all my senior. They are my standard in model”. She has hard face when she shot photograph and about this she said, “Yes, I shoot that kind of photo. So many people thought that I am big ego. I have hard face in my photo. So they thought that I will stay like that too. But I am not. People who familiar with me know about this”. About her fans she said, “I try my best not to bored my fan. Please advise me when I need. I try my best now”. Advertisements Tweet Label: J Naw Maria, Miss Myanmar

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