Wyne Su Khine Thein Is Not Ready To Have Baby Yet

 Wyne Su Khine Thein Is Not Ready To Have Baby Yet Myanmar ModelCute Girl Wyne Su Khine Thein Is Not Ready To Have Baby Yet Amazing Girl

Meanwhile Wyne Su Khine Thein is shooting MTVs for “Arr Bwar” music album and she will record the couple songs within this month. Moreover, she will have foreign trip to United States and Japan within this year.
Wyne Su Khine Thein said there is nothing change especially since she has marriage life. She always discusses regarding works with her husband Ko Oakkar since before married. She also does not need to be like a housewife even though she is married. Her husband also does not ask her to be. They do own works and have understanding each other. Of course they have argument between them sometimes but those are tiny matters.
Since they became couple they understand that they need to understand each other. He also has understanding on her and so she is. They discuss each other whatever individual works and supportive each other. What she wants the life style is to work arteries as long as her fans are supporting and live with family happily. She will consider to have baby later.
She will take two more years to have baby because she will have to do promotion events when she releases MTVs of “Arr Bwar” music album. And she is planning for one lady show at Yangon and Mandalay so that she will have to prepare a lot of things. After finishing those activities, she will consider to have baby. Advertisements Tweet Label: Singers, Wyne Su Khine Thein

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