Wutt Hmone Shwe Yi Is Always On Her Parents Side

 Wutt Hmone Shwe Yi Is Always On Her Parents Side Pretty ModelCute Girl Wutt Hmone Shwe Yi Is Always On Her Parents Side Amazing Girl

Today we are interviewing Wutt Hmone Shwe Yi, who will soon be seen in the role of the wife of Professor Doctor Khin Maung Win in the upcoming film “Forever Mom”. First and foremost, can she give a brief introduction about her character in the movie for the audience? She confirms that she will indeed be playing U Khin Maung Win’s wife, Dr. Khin Lay Yi, in the movie. The real-life couple had met in medical school as students and later became life-partners. How did she decide to accept this role? She opens up that she feels this is a story that portrays the pure love of parents. She considers it a big honor to be involved in such a film and she is very grateful for the opportunity. She does not really care or consider about whether if it is a big role or if she gets many scenes or not.
Does she have expectations on how much this movie will touch the hearts of the viewers? Her interesting reply is that nowadays, it is very rare to see a movie based on parental love being made at all. Therefore, it is very interesting. The movie is set in the 1960s. So the presentations of the 60s’ style and fashion may be something new and fascinating for the audience. On a deeper note, the movie is based on a novel by Dr. Khin Maung Win; a true story about his mother. Filled with observations and life stories of a man who loves his mother, she feels this film is definitely a must-see for audience. It is also a movie that no mother should miss, according to her. It is a very valuable film.
Advertisements As a dutiful daughter who loves her mother very much herself, does she feel that she has attained greater understanding of a mother’s love as time goes by? She agrees that definitely she does have more understanding of her mother compared to when she was younger. Now that she has reached a certain age, whenever there is a squabble with her parents, she now tries to tell herself that her parents are always right and resigns herself to lose the argument. She has also adopted the mindset, “What if I am in a mother’s position?” She has definitely become more mature, and she has made up her mind to always put her parents first before anything else. She muses that when she was young, she used to believe other things are so important. But now she has come to a realization that nothing can be as important as your parents and no one can ever love you as much as your parents.
The talk turns to another of her film projects, “Bangkok to Mandalay”, which is also a big topic of interest for audiences. How excited is she about it? She recalls that it was a film that took a lot of careful preparation. The crew very carefully put all the arrangements in order and she was also asked to organize herself with great care. Everything had to be in place and order before the shooting began. She feels this whole movie was exceptionally well-made. The setting arrangements were also done extremely well. Just recently, some reshoots were done for this movie. During the editing process, they decided to do some reshoots that they considered were necessary for some scenes. In fact, they had announced from the very beginning that after a viewing of the whole film by the editor, some scenes might need reshoots if necessary.
Her birthday is rapidly approaching. What are her plans for celebration? She lightly answers that it is still 20 days away, so she hasn’t yet made any preparations. In fact, since the shooting for “Forever Mom” is slated to begin shortly, she suspects that she might be on the film set working during her birthday. She does have plans to release a souvenir item soon. And audiences can expect to hear more from her shortly about further details of the product. Advertisements Tweet Label: Actresses, Wutt Hmone Shwe Yi

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