Rising Professional Photo Model L Ko Mi

 Rising Professional Photo Model L Ko Mi Burmese ModelHot Model Rising Professional Photo Model L Ko Mi Hot Myanmar

L Ko Mi stepped into entertainment world in 2015 and she was awarded Miss Photogenic 2015/ Miss Farmer 2015 (2nd Runner Up). She is working as professional model and attending the acting training course arranged by Myanmar Motion Picture Organization batch 1/2016.
The main reason of stepping into arteries world is her eagerness and she used to act alone crying or laughing in front of the mirror. Her parents though she is going crazy because she is talking alone by looking at the mirror. Now they realized that her hobby is arteries. She started her career life as a photo model in arteries field. She helped as model along the photo workshops of her mentor photographer Mg Mg Win (Sun Star) during she is also shooting photos. Then she joined model training at Talents and Models arranged by Tin Moe Lwin and she participated in events.
What she understands arteries is alike life because arteries work is her dream life. She noted the meaning of arteries (Ah Nu Pyin Nyar) is combining together benign (Ah Nu) and skills (Pyin Nyar). Benign is indicating to benign mind deeply and skills is knowledge with realization so that it is mind power of doing everything in detail with benign mind deeply and knowing with realization.
Advertisements She has to try a lot as a new one in entertainment industry. Arteries works cannot be underestimated whether will be success or not like other works. Success in arteries world is depending on luck, praise and time. Of course there many hardships for a new one and she thinks those are the stairs to go upward to catch her goal. There are always hardships if you still not familiar with the works. Whatever the hardships will be her new experiences. There is no different what she expected and she met good mentors since she joined arteries worlds.
Nowadays there are a lot of models but there are only a few number of professional models. The most important issue is to be skilled along the way of chosen carrier life. First, not lie herself, second, not lie audiences, that is how she is trying to have a place in the field. Her arteries works must be printed on the mind of audiences and if the audiences accept her someday, she will have a place. Advertisements Tweet Label: L Ko Mi, Model Girls

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