Cover Photos Of Three Hottest Models For People Magazine 2016

 Cover Photos Of Three Hottest Models For People Magazine 2016 Pretty ModelAmazing Girl Cover Photos Of Three Hottest Models For People Magazine 2016 Pretty Model

The introduction of the book of Actress Model Moe Hay Ko, named “What I Love” which is designed with her handwriting and signature hold at Novotel Yangon Max Hotel on last July. She took three years long to create that book, she said. There are photos of sceneries from the places of Myanmar where is hard to reach and the photos of the places where Moe Hay Ko went in that book. The book is the photos collection of culture of various of ethnic in Myanmar. She will publish 2,000 books and the sale price of book is 50,000MMK.
Aye Myat Thu is getting stronger in arteries world and she does not want to define what is arteries because it has deepest meaning. Currently she does not have to act in film movies but there is some to release within this year. She is getting more acting in movie within this year and she is more comfortable to act. She can do more but still not becomes skilled actress yet. Aye Myat Thu is still learning as an actress because she still does not know the essence of arts. She presumes that every thing should be matched with her. Advertisements
The artists have to try hard before they get success. After getting success they have to try maintain it. It is really difficult to maintain to the success and not to fall from the place they reached, Thinzar Wint Kyaw said. There could be falling down where they reached if they do not know how to maintain. She also presumes that arteries world is arduous one and it is not easy to understand. She thought it will be delicate one but when she really does the arteries work, she becomes realized that it is not delicate world. Every single things needs to be sure so that every fields need to good in order to get a good movie. Every artist from movie have to try their best. They have to do acting works hardly and laboriously. They get more tired because they need to give effort on both physically and emotionally. Learning about arteries will not be never end and it is one of the endless learning knowledge, Thinzar Wint Kyaw said. Advertisements Tweet Label: Aye Myat Thu, Model Girls, Moe Hay Ko, Thinzar Wint Kyaw

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