Hanna Yuri Said She Is Not An Evildoer

 Hanna Yuri Said She Is Not An Evildoer Cute ModelCute Model Hanna Yuri Said She Is Not An Evildoer Cute Girl

End of the last year 2015, around October, many customers who bought Forever Young cosmetic products faced problems on the skin and their skins were destroyed. It was big issue at online. The seller of that cosmetic products is the girlfriend of famous singer Bunny Phyo, model actress Hanna Yuri. Although she did not explain anything about her Forever Young products, now she answers to her customers via medias. Yuri is also a makeup artist and working as makeup professional in some film movies.
Yuri established Makeup Studio since July 2015 and she did not take even a break. Since she had the problems with customers, she does not have anything to do. She also had the problems with company and even her friends are not visiting to her. She was so upset and eventually she turns to Yoge. She built pagoda in Pyin Oo Lwin with her mother together using her own money.
She has relationship with Bunny Phyo five years long and all the people from arteries world are like sibling. Only artists are able to understanding about their world. She had to understand more about him. There could be misunderstanding if she would sit down beside of other boys. That was what happened. Customer are misunderstanding about her regarding her product. She is not an evildoer and she feels really sorry if customers’ skins are destroyed due to her cosmetic products. She wants everyone to help her not to misunderstand about her.

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