Shwe Hmone Yati Is On Vacation At Phuket Beach

 Shwe Hmone Yati Is On Vacation At Phuket Beach Myanmar ModelCute Model Shwe Hmone Yati Is On Vacation At Phuket Beach Hot Model

Shwe Hmon Yati who stepped into movie industry since 8th grade is now getting supporting from audiences. And her younger sister Ngwe Hmone Yati also interested in arteries so that she is also planning for participating in arteries field.
Shwe Hmone Yati said her sister is interested in especially singing and she has good voice. Her mother is training her younger sister as she was trained. Ngwe Hmone Yati also learning singing course at IC U Ko Ko Lwin and modeling training course at Star & Model International of Mr.John Lwin. She has good high and perfect body structure.
Shwe Hmone Yati and Ngwe Hmone Yati entertained together at entertainment event for rising fund for building Buddhist Centre at London. Shwe Hmone Yati said she will support her sister at her best and encourage her to do the best regarding her hobby. She admonishes her sister that if you do not have confident to do the best, do not start.
Shwe Hmone Yati is very pleased her working hard even she is still young. Her sister is just thirteen years old and she has plans to sponsor her to produce music album. Both Shwe Hmone Yati and her mother will support from behind carefully. Currently they are singing together in big entertainment events. Shwe Hmon Yati wants her sister try hard for audiences as she does. She will teach her sister how to value the audiences and how to repay to audiences. She requests her fans to support her sister when she is in arteries world.

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