Shwe Hmone Yati And Her Boyfriend

 Shwe Hmone Yati And Her Boyfriend Pretty GirlCute Girl Shwe Hmone Yati And Her Boyfriend

Eighteen years old Shwe Hmone Yati stepped into the field of movie industry via Garden of Arts by supporting from super actors and movie directors although she is still very young.
When she turned to eighteen years old, she felt that she being an adult and she tries to be mature. She is working as an adult and make sure herself making decisions decidedly. Now she more concerns about works rather than other activities. Teenagers used to have misunderstanding with their parents but she used to try to comfort her parents to understand. She said parents and their child cannot be fit or proper all the time. Love each other after fighting is a fun among the family member. If even there is no fight, she did kidding her parents to fight. There is not good too much either fashionable or traditional. She said being fashionable could learn ideas and being traditional could study knowledge.
Shwe Hmone Yati and Htun Htun individually declined that they are not in relationship regarding the couple photos via social medias. In fact, Htun Htun used to take selfie during traveling with other actors or actresses then upload on Instagram and Facebook. The photo from Instagram was copied and made the rumors about their love story. Currently Htun Htun has soul mate however he still cannot reveal who she is. Htun Htun seriously concern about his girlfriend and he is getting the age not to reveal about his relationship easily. Shwe Hmone Yati said she used to take selfie with everyone and she should be asked if even she took the selfie with her fan is her boyfriend. She does not want to explain and interest about it. Moreover Htun Htun and Shwe Hmone Yati are not angry each others regarding this matter.

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