Popular Female Rock Singer Lain Maw Thee

 Popular Female Rock Singer Lain Maw Thee Burmese GirlHot Myanmar Popular Female Rock Singer Lain Maw Thee
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These days, there are also a lot of cases where artists release their albums and then do not receive a return of what they invested, and are just left with their empty hopes. Lain Maw Thee thinks that an artist’s best hope is that the fans will buy and watch their album, but financially getting back all the investment is not an easy matter.
Photo- Black & White Photo Studio Advertisements Even for herself, she does not think she will see the return of the 100 lakhs Kyats that she invested into her album. However, it will give her something that she can invest when she works on her next album.
It is very rare to find female rock artists nowadays. In the past, we have only seen a few successful ones like “Shree”. How does she feel about getting fans’ support and acceptance in this era? Her diplomatic answer was that there is no one who has never passed through difficulties. She is no different, having gone through a lot of hardships in the past. But these days, she has gained more recognition from her audience. But Lain Maw Thee said modestly that’s about it. She still needs to keep on trying harder. For her part, she will put out the best work that she can. She will keep recording new albums, and keep singing to the best of her ability. She also thanks her fans for their continued support of her. ​​

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