May Me Kyaw Kyaw Has Revealed Her Boyfriend Officially In Public

 May Me Kyaw Kyaw Has Revealed Her Boyfriend Officially In Public Hot MyanmarBurmese Model May Me Kyaw Kyaw Has Revealed Her Boyfriend Officially In Public Amazing Girl

May Me Kyaw Kyaw stepped into the entertainment industry in 2011. Her first ever project was the series named “Forever Mandalay”. Currently, she is starring in another series called “Champion”. Her character is a doctor called Seisar Oo. This is her second project. In this interview, she revealed that this new series “Champion” is set to be released on air very soon.
She was also asked about her earlier project, “Forever Mandalay”, regarding whether she faced any difficulties while working on the project. She answered that before filming, she and other debutants were given some training. However, when it came to shooting on the real set, it wasn’t quite the same as the training. There were difficulties of the scenes and other factors. However, she feels that she got the full support and guidance from senior actors as well as the director. They all offered advice and guidance when she needed them. Now that she has immersed herself into the art of movie-making, what has she learnt from her experiences? She said that for her, she has discovered that the art of acting is a lot deeper when you have tried it out; quite different from when you are just imagining about it in mind. However, she doesn’t consider it a challenge for her. Does she consider herself lucky that as soon as she entered the industry, she got work straight away with “Forever Mandalay”? Instead of seeing it as luck, she rather sees it as an early opportunity. More importantly, it was an opportunity to show her willingness to work hard.
   Till now, the audience has never seen her act as a modern light-hearted and free-spirited character yet. She seems to be only playing women from a previous era. But what kind of character does she really want to play? Regarding this, she said that she is happy with whatever character she is getting. Sure, she does have a desire to try out all kinds of characters in her work. But for now, she is satisfied with whatever character that she is given. And she is simply happy to be getting work. And of course, here comes the unavoidable question: love. She reveals that she is now single as she is juggling work with school. She is currently not thinking about love at all. She cannot tell when she will start thinking about it either. She said it all depends on fate.
What is her opinion on the fact that a lot of entertainers nowadays love to flaunt their love lives in public? She revealed she herself used to have a lover publicly. She believes the audiences nowadays are capable of separating an artist’s work from their personal life. They support an actor for their art, and are capable of accepting what they do in their personal lives is their own business. That’s probably why a lot of actors are braver about officially dating in the public eye. When asked if she has any closing speech to give to her fans, she urged them to tune to MRTV-4 on the 13th for the airing of “Champion”. She ended it by saying that she is well aware she still has a lot of shortcomings, but she hopes she will receive unfailing support from her fans.

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