Kachin Native Photo Model Girl Lu Lu Aung

 Kachin Native Photo Model Girl Lu Lu Aung Cute GirlCute Model Kachin Native Photo Model Girl Lu Lu Aung Myanmar Model

Ka Chin native photo model Lu Lu Aung has been disconnected arteries world and she was interviewed about it. She came from Myit Kyi Nar to Yangon in 2004 and she did a few activities in that field then she took break. She resumed in the field 3 years ago and acted in a few photo shootings.
In public’s opinion, she is a photo model however it is not she wanted to be. But she is happy during photo shooting and creating beautiful photos. Photo modeling is just for fun during her free time. She is now at milestone what she aimed because she is acting in MTVs and commercial calendars. She did not expect that much but she thinks she is so close to her ambition.
Advertisements She said firstly body structure is very important for photo models so that she plays gym regularly. Second is dressing fashion and she has different perspective from others. She likes simple and smart fashion. She used to learn about fashion via Internet. Her favorite fashion is cute style like as Barbie but that style does not really match her. She always considers the fashion style seriously if eve it is her favorite one. Although she will continue in arteries field as long as audiences support, she will not act in movies because of her indistinct Burmese pronunciation.
Lu Lu Aung is always proud of her professional if even there is no market for modeling career so that she won’t release her career. She has in faith that if she concentrate on her career carefully, she will get a place in photo modeling field which is given by audiences. If you want to reach your own destination, you should have other income because photo modeling cannot be considered as a business, Lu Lu Aung said. She also has a job at a company from Monday to Saturday.

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