Popular Fashion Model Nang Thiri Maung

 Popular Fashion Model Nang Thiri Maung Hot MyanmarBurmese Girl Popular Fashion Model Nang Thiri Maung

With her fair skin and enviable bosom size, fashion model Nang Thiri Maung is taking up the website media by storm.
She has recently discussed about the positive attributes of Facebook. She reveals that she learns about fashion trends from Facebook. Posting and reading posts on Facebook give her a lot of joy, just like everyone else. She feels that everyone on Facebook is a warm, big family. Regarding the criticism on her dressing style, she admits that her fashion sense is rather provocative. But based on her work requirements, she wears cute styles where cute is necessary, and she adorns sensual styles where sensual is necessary.
She says one should not judge her personality from the kind of clothing she wears. In fact, she even pities those who writes bad comments about her. She wonders if they have no shame following a person and taking the energy and time to write such bad comments about them. Therefore to those who send rude and mean messages to her, her only response would be “Do not be rude. Please have compassion for a fellow sister.” She reveals that in her real life, she is the type of cool-headed person who tends not to take bad things seriously. Regarding her artistic ventures of recent times, she says she is currently busy doing photo shoots for magazine covers.

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