Sunday Journal Cover Photo Of Yadanar My

 Sunday Journal Cover Photo Of Yadanar My Amazing GirlPretty Model Sunday Journal Cover Photo Of Yadanar My Cute Model

Yadanar My said she will upload a song with lyric talking about nature to online to sell. She is planning to product her solo album and collecting the songs for that. She distributed a single song via online last open season. She did not want to do anything for now during the time of facing flooding situation.
She is not in good mood so that she is not doing regarding music. She is choosing the single songs for online and which is good for both her and her fans. There will be not love song but lyric will be about the daily life of people and it might will be give some benefit. The lyrics of song will be based on nature and one of the song writers who used to write the song for her will write that song. She will distribute that song via Myanmar music online store and this is not her first experience distributing songs from online.
Her first solo album had been distributed via online and she sold whole album. Now she will sell only single song. After she releasing her single song, she is planning to produce solo album.
Model- Yadanar My
Photographer- Kansuho
Retouch- Kansuho
Make Up- Jet Jet
Designer- Shartra

Tweet Label: Celebrity Fashion, Yadanar My

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