Warso Moe Oo Has No Interest In Having A Boyfriend Yet

 Warso Moe Oo Has No Interest In Having A Boyfriend Yet Cute ModelAmazing Girl Warso Moe Oo Has No Interest In Having A Boyfriend Yet

Warso Moe Oo always spends Valentine’s Days alone. She has no interest in having a boyfriend yet, and is not even thinking about it. However, on Valentine’s Days, her fans like to send her memorable little presents, which make her extremely happy.
She also performs in a lot of local singing shows. Regarding her sometimes very modern style of dressing, she asks the audience to view it with a fashion sense. She says whatever she currently wears is mostly the fashion that suits with her. It is very up-to-date and follows the modern fashion trends. Also she picks the styles that are suitable with the occasion, such a separate fashion for concerts and free style for casual outings. She adores the colors black and white. In her wardrobe, she has plenty of outfits in both black and white. However, if she is going to give a performance on stage, she tends to wear crazy colors. There are now plenty of new eccentric fashion styles nowadays. However, she doesn’t agree with judging a person’s character by their clothing. She warns people not to make decisions based on that.
Everyone wants look good and beautiful. Women especially follow the current trends of fashion, and change their styles according to the ever evolving trends. She urges the audience to view it with a fashion-aware sense. Since fashion always evolves according to the changing times, she wants people to be more updated in their acceptance of fashionable trends. She says however that she can accept criticism. Artists always try to provoke the audience’s reactions by deliberating working very hard on their fashion and style. This is actually because of love for their audience. Therefore, she welcomes both criticism and advice from her fans. However, for some very fashion-forward styles she may embody, she does ask for their acceptance and for them to view it with a fashion sense. Currently, Warso Moe Oo has been very busy working hard on her solo music. She is trying to get her music series released as soon as possible.

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