Swimming Suit Fashion Calendar Photos With Famous Actresses

 Swimming Suit Fashion Calendar Photos With Famous Actresses Myanmar ModelHot Myanmar Swimming Suit Fashion Calendar Photos With Famous Actresses Burmese Girl

Aye Myat Thu has strong acting skill and she always wanted to be a flexible actress. She never fixed herself with a character and she always try her best to act whatever the character. She used to adopt any characters to act. But audiences know more than her because they judge on her ability. She does not think she just match with only one character. She always think she will have to match with whatever character. Now she is also acting in film movies.
San Yati Moe Myint has six months long relationship with her current boyfriend. She selected the person depend on competence rather than appearances. Many audiences criticized that her boyfriend is ugly. She said a person cannot be determined according their appearances. Some people have good appearances however they are not in good moral. She just wants her boyfriend is in good moral and be a gentleman. Although there are many guys with good appearances, all of them are not in good moral. She just selected the guy who would match with her.
Many audiences criticized Thinzar Wint Kyaw regarding the photo with the swimming bikini suit on the beach. She explained those photos are from the beach when she went to foreign country. Every girl used to wear bikini and playing water at there. It is incompatibility wearing either Myanmar traditional dresses or jeans pants. She just uploaded her memorial photos to Instagram in order to avoid criticism from audiences. Some people took the screen shot and posted on the Facebook. She knows that to wear the dresses depend on the condition and place. She just wears the bikini where she should.

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