Rumor About Actor Soe Thu And Actress Soe Myat Nandar

 Rumor About Actor Soe Thu And Actress Soe Myat Nandar Burmese GirlBurmese Girl Rumor About Actor Soe Thu And Actress Soe Myat Nandar Pretty Girl

The wife of Soe Thu happens to be a daughter of an ambassador general. She has two daughters with Soe Thu. She is also a settler in the United States of America. But currently, rumors that Soe Thu and his wife have separated have been spreading like wildfire among the audiences of Myanmar. Here is an opinion of a fan regarding this rumor and also the one about him and actress Soe Myat Nandar.
When Soe Thu temporarily returned to Myanmar, it was to care for his ailing father. At that time, due to the offers he received, he got to do a little solo performance show. Due to his still youthful and handsome looks, fans both old and young appreciated him and cheered for him. There were also actresses both old and young who were fighting tooth and claw among themselves to be able to make a movie with him. Pictures of Soe Thu pushing his daughter’s bicycle as she rode appeared on the internet last year. Also, his background story about life in America, as told by himself, was printed in a journal last year. He mainly talked about his family life.
Therefore, after having been together with his wife for so many years, the idea that he would start an affair with Soe Myat Nanda during a short visit back to Myanmar seems quite ridiculous to the extreme. To speak quite truthfully, it would have been more fitting and believable if he had rekindled an old flame with her elder sister, Soe Myat Thuzar. Those two had their own history. They were childhood sweethearts, forcibly separated by Soe Thu’s parents. In fact, Soe Myat Thuzar and actor Yan Aung attended Soe Thu’s first show during his return to Myanmar. One could see them onstage, having fun and teasing one another.
Now the fan saying all this emphasises that she is speaking out due to concern for Soe Thu’s wife and daughters. If he had reconciled and relit the old torch with his old lover, Soe Myat Thuzar, at least it would have been more acceptable than with her sister, Soe Myat Nanda. What back story do Soe Thu and Soe Myat Nanda have together anyway? The fan also maintains that she is not a hater of Soe Myat Nandar. In fact, she is a die-hard fan of all the sisters. But that is a separate matter. She stresses that Soe Thu has not separated from his wife, and should not be considered as an available divorcé.

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