Aye Myat Thu Accepts Her Aging And Respond Doing Sports

 Aye Myat Thu Accepts Her Aging And Respond Doing Sports Cute ModelMyanmar Model
Aye Myat Thu works out regularly because her age is approaching senior age. Ladies gain more weight when they are getting aging. She thinks that if she will fat, she will look like old so that she controls her weight. The audiences also do not like if an actress is fat. Doing work out is supporting for good health for her somehow and that is why she still looks beautiful and slim. She like to have aging because that means she becomes experienced in life and stable unlike younger life. She also had to give time to have a stable life.
Aye Myat Thu prefers stable beauty and she accepts her age. It is depending on mind to accept the aging so that able to choose suitable dress. If you cannot accept your age, you cannot be fit into society. She accepts what she is at age and she does what she has to do according the age. When she was young, she just thinks only to make herself beautiful, to eat good food and to wear nice dress. Now she becomes 30 years old and she started to think for that age. She is exhausted for working and she worked only for herself before. When she become settle down, she realizes to do charity because junior actresses are doing charity and she learnt from them.
When she looked at them, she become eager to do charity. She does not know she should do charity when she was young and she does not have plan to do charity. Now she is doing charity because of those juniors and she got the opportunity to do. She could talk seriously and she gain more love from audiences because she is aging and stable.

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