Rumor About Actor Soe Thu And Actress Soe Myat Nandar

 Rumor About Actor Soe Thu And Actress Soe Myat Nandar Burmese GirlBurmese Girl Rumor About Actor Soe Thu And Actress Soe Myat Nandar Pretty Girl

The wife of Soe Thu happens to be a daughter of an ambassador general. She has two daughters with Soe Thu. She is also a settler in the United States of America. But currently, rumors that Soe Thu and his wife have separated have been spreading like wildfire among the audiences of Myanmar. Here is an opinion of a fan regarding this rumor and also the one about him and actress Soe Myat Nandar.
When Soe Thu temporarily returned to Myanmar, it was to care for his ailing father. At that time, due to the offers he received, he got to do a little solo performance show. Due to his still youthful and handsome looks, fans both old and young appreciated him and cheered for him. There were also actresses both old and young who were fighting tooth and claw among themselves to be able to make a movie with him. Pictures of Soe Thu pushing his daughter’s bicycle as she rode appeared on the internet last year. Also, his background story about life in America, as told by himself, was printed in a journal last year. He mainly talked about his family life.
Therefore, after having been together with his wife for so many years, the idea that he would start an affair with Soe Myat Nanda during a short visit back to Myanmar seems quite ridiculous to the extreme. To speak quite truthfully, it would have been more fitting and believable if he had rekindled an old flame with her elder sister, Soe Myat Thuzar. Those two had their own history. They were childhood sweethearts, forcibly separated by Soe Thu’s parents. In fact, Soe Myat Thuzar and actor Yan Aung attended Soe Thu’s first show during his return to Myanmar. One could see them onstage, having fun and teasing one another.
Now the fan saying all this emphasises that she is speaking out due to concern for Soe Thu’s wife and daughters. If he had reconciled and relit the old torch with his old lover, Soe Myat Thuzar, at least it would have been more acceptable than with her sister, Soe Myat Nanda. What back story do Soe Thu and Soe Myat Nanda have together anyway? The fan also maintains that she is not a hater of Soe Myat Nandar. In fact, she is a die-hard fan of all the sisters. But that is a separate matter. She stresses that Soe Thu has not separated from his wife, and should not be considered as an available divorcé.

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Celebrities' Family Photos Collection Album-1

 Celebrities' Family Photos Collection Album-1 Hot ModelMyanmar Model Celebrities' Family Photos Collection Album-1 Pretty Model
Actress Melody Family
Model Boy Phone Tike and Singer Chan Chan Family
Academy Actress Chaw Yadanar Family
Singer He Lay Family
Academy Actress Khine Thinn Kyi Family
Supporting Actor Ko Bean and Supporting Actress Hnaing Shin Myint Mo Family Advertisements
Director/Supporting Actor Ko Pouk Family
Supporting Actor Kyaw Zin Htut Family
Actor Zarni and Actress Kyi Lae Lae Oo Family
Academy Actor Lwin Moe Family
Actor Min Maw Koon Family
Actress Myo Sandi Kyaw Family
This photo album is collection of Myanmar actors, actresses, supporting actors and supporting actress, their spouse, sons and daughters. Enjoy this photo album and the collection of second photo album is coming soon.

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Shwe Poe Eain Does Not Want Her Fans Emulate In Wrong Way About Fashion

 Shwe Poe Eain Does Not Want Her Fans Emulate In Wrong Way About Fashion Amazing GirlPretty Girl Shwe Poe Eain Does Not Want Her Fans Emulate In Wrong Way About Fashion Burmese Girl

One of well-known actresses Shwe Poe Eain said she does not want her fans emulate in wrong way regarding fashion so that she is taking care more on her dresses rather than before.
She cares about her fashion in either she is acting in video movie or film movie. She afraid of that her fans will learn in wrong way from her fashion. Anyway most of the teenagers emulate the fashion from their favorite celebrities such as singers or actresses. She is continuing acting in movies and she is trying to act as the characters which her fans desire her to act.

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Jean Fashion and Celebrity Thun Sett

Jean Fashion and Celebrity Thun SettAmazing GirlAmazing GirlJean Fashion and Celebrity Thun SettCute Girl

 Myanmar Model and Actress Thun Sett in Jean and White T Shirt Simple Fashion Style
Myanmar Actress Thun Sett looking cool in White and Blue Jean Fashion. She post it on her facebook sharing white and jean fashion.Her fans are going to love that.

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Warso Moe Oo and Yoon Mhi Mhi Kyaw in Smart Calendar 2016

Warso Moe Oo and Yoon Mhi Mhi Kyaw in Smart Calendar 2016Pretty GirlCute GirlWarso Moe Oo and Yoon Mhi Mhi Kyaw in Smart Calendar 2016Cute Model

 Smart Group of companies released 2016 calendar photos with attractive models.
Check out the new photos of Warso Moe  Oo and Miss Myanmar Yoon Mhi Mhi Kyaw.
Warso Moe Oo and Yoon Mhi Mhi Kyaw in Smart Calendar 2016

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Birthday Ceremony Of Academy Actress Soe Myat Nandar

 Birthday Ceremony Of Academy Actress Soe Myat Nandar Cute GirlHot Model Birthday Ceremony Of Academy Actress Soe Myat Nandar Myanmar Model

Photo Credit To: Aye Zaw Moe
15th December is Academy Actress Soe Myat Nandar’s birthday and she celebrated her birthday ceremony by inviting famous mock Dr.Nanda Mala Biwonta to talk dama. Many celebrities attended her birthday event and supported her birthday ceremony. Actor Khant Si Thu, Yan Aung, Soe Thu, actress Eaindra Kyaw Zin and other celebrities are seen in this photo album of birthday event. The birthday of actor Yan Aung was the day before and he also thanks to everyone who made the birthday wish for him.

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Swimming Suit Fashion Calendar Photos With Famous Actresses

 Swimming Suit Fashion Calendar Photos With Famous Actresses Myanmar ModelHot Myanmar Swimming Suit Fashion Calendar Photos With Famous Actresses Burmese Girl

Aye Myat Thu has strong acting skill and she always wanted to be a flexible actress. She never fixed herself with a character and she always try her best to act whatever the character. She used to adopt any characters to act. But audiences know more than her because they judge on her ability. She does not think she just match with only one character. She always think she will have to match with whatever character. Now she is also acting in film movies.
San Yati Moe Myint has six months long relationship with her current boyfriend. She selected the person depend on competence rather than appearances. Many audiences criticized that her boyfriend is ugly. She said a person cannot be determined according their appearances. Some people have good appearances however they are not in good moral. She just wants her boyfriend is in good moral and be a gentleman. Although there are many guys with good appearances, all of them are not in good moral. She just selected the guy who would match with her.
Many audiences criticized Thinzar Wint Kyaw regarding the photo with the swimming bikini suit on the beach. She explained those photos are from the beach when she went to foreign country. Every girl used to wear bikini and playing water at there. It is incompatibility wearing either Myanmar traditional dresses or jeans pants. She just uploaded her memorial photos to Instagram in order to avoid criticism from audiences. Some people took the screen shot and posted on the Facebook. She knows that to wear the dresses depend on the condition and place. She just wears the bikini where she should.

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Warso Moe Oo Has No Interest In Having A Boyfriend Yet

 Warso Moe Oo Has No Interest In Having A Boyfriend Yet Cute ModelAmazing Girl Warso Moe Oo Has No Interest In Having A Boyfriend Yet

Warso Moe Oo always spends Valentine’s Days alone. She has no interest in having a boyfriend yet, and is not even thinking about it. However, on Valentine’s Days, her fans like to send her memorable little presents, which make her extremely happy.
She also performs in a lot of local singing shows. Regarding her sometimes very modern style of dressing, she asks the audience to view it with a fashion sense. She says whatever she currently wears is mostly the fashion that suits with her. It is very up-to-date and follows the modern fashion trends. Also she picks the styles that are suitable with the occasion, such a separate fashion for concerts and free style for casual outings. She adores the colors black and white. In her wardrobe, she has plenty of outfits in both black and white. However, if she is going to give a performance on stage, she tends to wear crazy colors. There are now plenty of new eccentric fashion styles nowadays. However, she doesn’t agree with judging a person’s character by their clothing. She warns people not to make decisions based on that.
Everyone wants look good and beautiful. Women especially follow the current trends of fashion, and change their styles according to the ever evolving trends. She urges the audience to view it with a fashion-aware sense. Since fashion always evolves according to the changing times, she wants people to be more updated in their acceptance of fashionable trends. She says however that she can accept criticism. Artists always try to provoke the audience’s reactions by deliberating working very hard on their fashion and style. This is actually because of love for their audience. Therefore, she welcomes both criticism and advice from her fans. However, for some very fashion-forward styles she may embody, she does ask for their acceptance and for them to view it with a fashion sense. Currently, Warso Moe Oo has been very busy working hard on her solo music. She is trying to get her music series released as soon as possible.

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Myanmar First Miss Jewel Princess Khin May Kha

 Myanmar First Miss Jewel Princess Khin May Kha Pretty ModelHot Model Myanmar First Miss Jewel Princess Khin May Kha Amazing Girl

Khin May Kha is 19 years old. She finished her high school at MIS (Myanmar International School) and she also attended Laurel Art Academy training. She was the representative of Myanmar for Miss Jewel Princess on September 6th and she promoted jewel by wearing. She had promoted with evening dress on September 7th.
National Director Hla Nu Htun from ‘Style Plus H’ took responsibilities to train her regarding dresses and style for participating in Miss Jewel Princess competition. Every contestant had to submit three minutes long video clip talking story about daily life of theirs. She had submitted the video clip before competition. Miss Jewel Princess competition held in Singapore and she was a very first contestant from Myanmar.

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Aye Myat Thu Accepts Her Aging And Respond Doing Sports

 Aye Myat Thu Accepts Her Aging And Respond Doing Sports Cute ModelMyanmar Model
Aye Myat Thu works out regularly because her age is approaching senior age. Ladies gain more weight when they are getting aging. She thinks that if she will fat, she will look like old so that she controls her weight. The audiences also do not like if an actress is fat. Doing work out is supporting for good health for her somehow and that is why she still looks beautiful and slim. She like to have aging because that means she becomes experienced in life and stable unlike younger life. She also had to give time to have a stable life.
Aye Myat Thu prefers stable beauty and she accepts her age. It is depending on mind to accept the aging so that able to choose suitable dress. If you cannot accept your age, you cannot be fit into society. She accepts what she is at age and she does what she has to do according the age. When she was young, she just thinks only to make herself beautiful, to eat good food and to wear nice dress. Now she becomes 30 years old and she started to think for that age. She is exhausted for working and she worked only for herself before. When she become settle down, she realizes to do charity because junior actresses are doing charity and she learnt from them.
When she looked at them, she become eager to do charity. She does not know she should do charity when she was young and she does not have plan to do charity. Now she is doing charity because of those juniors and she got the opportunity to do. She could talk seriously and she gain more love from audiences because she is aging and stable.

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2016 Calendar With Gorgeous Fashion Photos

 2016 Calendar With Gorgeous Fashion Photos Cute ModelAmazing Girl 2016 Calendar With Gorgeous Fashion Photos Pretty Girl

This photo album is commercial use for Aung Thet Tun Electronic & Machinery Trading Co.,Ltd. The objective of company described in the calendar photos that “The marketing leading company in a target area with excellent competition.” The values of company are pride in organization, team work & people development and customer focus.
Shwe Hmone Yati Su Myat Noe Kyaw, Wint Yahmone Hlaing and a new face photo model are acting as model in this photo album. This photo album is photography by famous professional photographer Ko Linn and designed by Ye Htut. All the photo models from this album act as daring position and the fashions are so attractive. The photos will be used for calendar 2016 and for marketing purpose.

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