What Did Chit Thu Wai Say In United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals?

 What Did Chit Thu Wai Say In United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals? Myanmar ModelPretty Model What Did Chit Thu Wai Say In United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals?

For developing countries including Myanmar, protecting the health of mothers and children require the assistance of international organizations as well as the United Nations, which is very crucial, according to popular Myanmar Artist Chit Thu Wai who is currently attending a congress of United Nations.
She also explains that she is attending the United Nations General Assembly, which is held in New York City, in order to represent Myanmar country. In United Nations’ SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), there are seventeen factors included in long-term sustainable goals, in which personal sanitation for health is one. She is there to assist the United Nations by helping the decision making process of how to give awareness and education to the general public regarding that.
The most important thing that she and others in her line of work have been striving for is for hygiene to be included in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). If hygiene indicator becomes a number in those goals, it is going to be extremely easy for developing counties like hers to work towards this goal. For the country, the process of taking care of public health would become an extremely unproblematic matter. Because then, the Health Ministry would also be deeply involved. For example, as soon as UN has established and included Hygiene Indicator in the Sustainable Development Goals, the Health Ministry would have to work hard at promoting the importance of Water Assessment and Handwashing with Soap. NGOs would also come in to support this. Therefore, she believes that everyone joining hands to work together would definitely lower the child mortality rate. And this was the main reason why she came to attend this event.
There will be quite a lot of international celebrities attending this event. There will also be performances by Beyonce and Ed Sheeran. In the VIP area of this event, where there are international artists including herself and policy makers, she intends to explain about her work advocating “Handwashing with Soap”, and how important such a simple process is. After telling them, she is going to trust on their ability to draw on the attention of a world-wide audience.
Apart from this, she is also able to discuss about the health protection issues that Myanmar so badly needs with the numerous world leaders, business owners, and internationally famous artists who are in attendance. As a doctor herself, she would surely be an expert on such topics.
This is the first time that Myanmar got the opportunity to be represented at a World Stage. Therefore, it could now be seen that there are Myanmar celebrities doing social work at a world-standard. Here, she has been able to impart knowledge about the missions of her work. Also, she feels that she is given a special chance to let the world know about the factors that her countries need through an assorted audience of world leaders and policy makers.
For example, last night she was able to meet and greet Clinton. And she was also able to tell Clinton about her work’s mission. Clinton also gave her due recognition for the importance of her work. At the very least, she hopes her message gets to his head that something must be done to help Myanmar. Chit Thu Wai is currently in charge of a program which advocates the prevention of infectious diseases by thoroughly cleansing hands, especially for mothers and children, which is being funded by Lifebuoy Soap Company.

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