Popular Singers Phyu Phyu Kyaw Thein And Wyne Su Khine Thein

 Popular Singers Phyu Phyu Kyaw Thein And Wyne Su Khine Thein Hot MyanmarCute Model Popular Singers Phyu Phyu Kyaw Thein And Wyne Su Khine Thein

Phyu Phyu Kyaw Thein is creating 5th own tune solo album and there will be including rock and love songs. The audience who can speak Burmese language and can understand Burmese must listen the songs from her album. She created the songs with new music band and songs are written by them. The songs are about the people’s real life. But it is not she is not singing love song and there will be some love song in the album. She said that it does not matter her songs will whether popular or not.
This solos music album is her adventure with her whole life and there is no more adventure for her. Moreover, they use the best Burmese grammar structure for the song lyrics. Nowadays the songs are mixed with local style and international style. So that she created the songs which can be listened by all the audiences. She will release audio CD first then she will create VCD. Meanwhile she is also creating another music album named “Remain Name” with Lazy Club Band.
When we met with the singer and actress Wyne Su Khine Thein, who has lovely sweet voice and who is steadily walking on art path, we asked about her activities. She replied “As for now, I am doing remaining recording for Duet, and some remaining playing songs. And on March16, I will go to Korea Show, when I come back from Korea, I will start shoot movies. I also have the plan to do live show. First, I thought to do live show before wedding but I didn’t. I decided to do when everything is ready.
Now, I have some remaining works. On March 23, also have Ko Bo San’s Show. And we also asked her who is now a house wife about her responsibility for house works, she said “There is no control to do what about house works. So everything is like before. I can stay as I wish. He has his work, and I also have my work. Sometimes, I even think like before. And sometimes, I can feel I am a married person. how can I say, I am not used to about that”

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