Gorgeous Myanmar Traditional Fashion Photos Of Aye Myat Thu And Thet Mon Myint

 Gorgeous Myanmar Traditional Fashion Photos Of Aye Myat Thu And Thet Mon Myint Cute GirlHot Model

Being a woman at the age of 30, the actress Aye Myat Thu said she wanted to get married as she longed for family life”. She said that “I will get married since age27. Now I am 30 years old. Actually, I also want to get married. As a woman, age 30 is the most suitable to born a child. Also as beauty viewpoint, beauty is no longer exist at this age and hard to find a man.” She reviews that nowadays, people think carefully to get married because of the change of times, so today man and woman are hard to get married.
Aye Myat Thu who focus on life more than love case said,” Although I have a plan at what age have to get married, but nobody exactly know what will happen. If she has destiny to get married, it will be. And although she got married, there needs to consider whether have married luck or not. It is not sure to happen even predict. As nothing is lasting in the world, can’t tell exactly everything. She has that plan in my life. Everybody wish his life partner is perfect. She prefers qualify man to choose my life partner. A qualify man can give security for my life. She only wants a qualify man.”
Although Thet Mon Myint said she did not satisfy about her acting in “Dancer of Satan” movie, her husband said that is enough and cheer her up. Thet Mon Myint and her husband went to watch together that movie on the day movie launched. Her husband likes the movie and she worries about audiences’ comments. The movie gained much success and directed by Director Wyne, movie crews are Nay Toe, Thet Mon Myint and Zin Wyne. The cinema also had to extended the show time of the movie. She was very pleased about it and she said it is worth for she was tired.
She tells about her memory about movie that she was so tired during acting in that movie. She had to run many times in that movie. And she was sweating a lot during acting and she got hurt on her leg during running. When she received the academy award for that movie, she could not walk properly because of running in that movie. She heard about the good comments from audiences especially about the scene she just looked at Nay Toe from outside of yard, go and buy the presents and bite the apple together.

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