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 Classic Black Fashion May Myat Noe Myanmar ModelAmazing Girl Classic Black Fashion May Myat Noe Cute Girl

May Myat Noe gained first prize and titled as Miss Asia Pacific from Miss Asia Pacific World 2014 competition which is held in South Korea. She gained most popular award in early part of competition and she overcome Korean miss beauty then gained first prize. She was eighteen years old at that time. There were forty miss beauties from different countries participated in the competition and seven miss beauties were selected for final stage of competition.
May Myat Noe gains first prize, Kim Eea from Korea was second, Hio Man Cha from Macau was third and Hullarie Danielle Parungao from Philippines was fourth from the seven miss beauties of final stage. She also gained popularity award of Miss Asia Pacific World 2014 during performing talent show in event. She gained popularity award because many audiences and judges liked her singing performance in Korean language during talent show.
May Myat Noe was very proud of herself and thanked to everyone who supported her. She gained the prize because of her supporter. The competition gave five different prizes. Myanmar won one, Miss beauty from Slovakia won best costume design award, Miss beauty from Bulgaria won Korea Wave Star award and Miss beauty from Armenia won best personal talent award.
Model: May Myat Noe
Designs: Seng Lat Moka
Makeup: Kyaw Myo
Photography: Nyi Su

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