Yoon Yoon Does Not Want To Be A Leading

 Yoon Yoon Does Not Want To Be A LeadingBurmese GirlBurmese Girl

Yoon Yoon is known as a child actress however she still does not have confident to be a leading actress.
She was offered for leading actress role and she was surprised. She thinks there will be difficult to change her fans’ opinion from child actress to leading actress. She is also not perfect and lack of confident so that she declined the offer. Currently most of the movies in progress in Myanmar are not suitable for teenagers to act so that she halted acting in movies. Advertisements
The main reason of she halted in movies is she becomes a teenager and she is studying in high school level. She is acting in TVC and MTVs in order to keep in touch with fans. She is trying to pass the matriculation exam with high score and concentrating on her study.
Yoon Yoon act in ‘I Am Rose, Darling’ movie directed by Director Wyne and she act as childhood character of Phway Phway, leading actress in that movie. She won the academy award with “Myth Of Cloud Actress” film movie.

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