What the Former American President Bill

 What the Former American President BillBurmese GirlBurmese Girl What the Former American President Bill
In order to attend the United Nation General Assembly (UNGA) week as a Hand Washing Ambassador, Chit Thu Wai took off for New York City, United States, where the event was organized, on September 23rd. The celebrations for UNGa week were held from September 25th to 27th and Chit Thu Wai said she had gone a day early in order to make the necessary preparations for the event. Reportedly, on the evening of September 24th, she attended a dinner party with the world leaders who had also come to attend the United Nations General Assembly. In this dinner party, it has been known that former American president Bill Clinton, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, Unilever CEO Paul Polman, and influential figures from NGO were all present.
A call was made to Chit Thu Wai in America by a reporter to ask her some questions regarding the topics of discussion she had with the world leaders during this dinner with them. She answered that during the dinner party, they got to discuss about involving hygiene as a Sustainable Development Goal, as well as about climate changes.
During this evening, she also got a chance to greet and hold a conversation with former American president Bill Clinton. She told him about her important work in Myanmar regarding Hygiene Indicators, and how the child death rate could be lowered by a simple action of washing hands with soap. He praised her on her good work, and encouraged her to keep it up.
And then Clinton gave a speech saying that while working towards Millenium Development Goals, some goals have achieved greater success than expected. He also persuaded to give more effort to improve on some goals that had not achieved so much success. He also expressed his gladness that important figures from Business Society have integrated Social Work that would benefit the public into their business ventures. He stressed the importance of good business, which is a necessity to change a society. He also urged everyone to collaborate and work together during the 15-year-period of striving towards Substainable Development Goals.
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