Thanda Hlaing Has Maintained Herself As

 Thanda Hlaing Has Maintained Herself AsCute GirlAmazing Girl Thanda Hlaing Has Maintained Herself As
In Myanmar, once models become successful, they have a tendency to cross over to the acting line of business. However, Thanda Hlaing has maintained herself as a model exclusively. So the inevitable question is put to her: why? She is amused and remarked that this is a very brave question.
Because, she says jokingly, the questioner of this question would be blamed by the public as the person responsible for leading Thandar Hlaing to assault the audience with her acting, if she were to go into performing. But on a more serious note, she states that she has no interest in acting whatsoever. This is why she has never tried her hand at acting, save for one incidence so many years ago when Karaoke was very popular; she agreed to help out some friends by appearing in a music video. Sometimes, when she is invited to attend the Academy Awards, she is asked to dress flamboyantly. And she would wonder to herself why is it that she keeps getting invites even though she is not an actress. So for her, attending these awards shows is just a way of showing support for her actor friends and seeing which of her friends will win. Therefore, there is no pressure on her at all, only excitement. And so, she is perfectly content with just working as a model.
In recent times, there has been an emergence of many beauty queens or ‘Miss’es that represent the country. So what is the difference between a ‘Miss’ and a model? Her take is that the beauty contestants who will represent the country have to carefully concentrate on everything in their regimen in order to win. And after winning, they need to continue with social work, international relations, and some even turn to work in the Art industry. But for models, they are not training to win in a particular competition, but they must constantly be on the lookout and on the ready. In short, beauty queens must always be prepared to face competition from other contestants who may have the same qualifications, but for models, it will not be wrong to say that they are in a constant competition with themselves in order to better themselves from yesterday, and to be a better model tomorrow than what they are today.
Regarding the establishment and the situation of the modeling industry of this country, she is asked to give her honest opinion, including any shortcomings that may need to be dealt with. She rather thinks that the audience support for models in this country is extremely satisfying and wonderful; something to be thankful about. Here, if a model advertises a product, or presents in a program on television, the majority of the audience knows and can tell who that model is. Models are also prominently featured and interviewed in newsletters and magazines. But in the western countries, apart from some very famous supermodels, of which there may be just four or five, the majority of models go unnoticed by the general public. If a model features in a magazine, or television, she will normally not be recognized by the viewing audience.
But in Myanmar, on the average, every audience member can distinguish at least 15 models from the whole lot. But one cannot say that this is because there are too many models in the west and so few here. It can be concluded that there is simply higher audience interest and attention on models in Myanmar that lead to the audience being able to remember at least fifteen or twenty models, whereas in the west, apart from four or five supermodels, other models hardly get name recognition. Now from the standpoint of modes, the number one priority should be sincerely bringing life and color to products that they endorse, businesses and ceremonies that they front. Number two should be making sure that the organization that represents them and finds work for them should be completely satisfied in their work. Number three, the audience that will be viewing them must develop the exact feelings that the models want them to pick up through their performance. These three factors are very important, according to Thandar Hlaing. And every model should work hard at fulfilling these three tasks to the best of her ability.
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