Special : Model Awn Seng With USA , Gym

Special : Model Awn Seng With USA , Gym Pretty ModelBurmese ModelSpecial : Model Awn Seng With USA , Gym Pretty Model
"  August selection photo album of Awn Seng. She went to USA in the month of August and shares her activities on social network. She's wearing Adidas sport fashion suit in first picture. Check it out for more photosAt Gym , what phone celebrity Awn Seng is using ?  Iphone 6 or Samsung  ? Scroll down and you will get the answer YES ! She is using Apple iphone 6 Plus. Is she going to ditch this phone and getting new one soon ?iPhone Rose Gold is getting attention among Celebrities.  Home Sweet Home she says on Instagram ! She looks so relaxed ! This is in USA when she enjoyed her great moments. In the wood , In USA.  The view is just amazing.  Awn Seng in Myanmar Costume Dress. This is where she attend promotion of Sweet brand in Myanmar. Awn Seng is a Barcelona fan ! Did you know that ? She also big fan of Messi and Argentina. She even went to Brazil in the last world cup. 

Myanmar Model

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