Opinion Of Khin Injinn Kyaw Regarding O

 Opinion Of Khin Injinn Kyaw Regarding OBurmese GirlBurmese Girl Opinion Of Khin Injinn Kyaw Regarding O
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In a recent interview, Khin Injinn Kyaw is questioned about her opinion regarding the use of online social apps, both from the point of view of an ordinary woman and an artistic person working as a model. She replies that there are a lot of interesting online pages regarding the health and beauty of women.
Another plus is the easy contact with friends and fans that these social apps make available. With the huge amount of people using the social media nowadays, it has become possible to see both the good and bad sides of it. She stresses that it is important to learn the etiquettes of the social community as well as the “do”s and “don’t”s of social media. So her answer is no matter if one is a model or an ordinary person, it is equally important for both to make use of social media in a positive and advantageous way and collect the numerous knowledge that one can learn from there.
The next question is about when she started to become acquainted with using IT products such as mobile phones. Her answer is that she started becoming familiar with technology since eighth grade. Before Android was invented, she used a Java phone of the Nokia brand. Since then she got into the mobile internet and starting from Gtalk, she advanced towards Facebook, Wechat, Instagram, and so on. When she wants to relax and entertain herself, does she like smart phones or some other instruments? Her favorite is smart phones. She can make calls, play games, listen to the music, look up words that she doesn’t know on the dictionary, and just surf the internet.
Currently, in the country, one can see people achieving fame through the use of social media. What is her stance on the importance of actions on the social media? She thinks that in the field of business or the entertainment industry, it is possible to make good use of the social media. There are a lot of new stars who have achieved success on the internet. Also, a lot of new music is created and distributed through the social media. But she thinks it is important for one to make sure they are achieving a clean, decent kind of success. Only then, one can continue to maintain the fame that they have achieved through the social media. Since the social media can be considered as a good opportunity, it can promote products that you are selling, or your own name, or even the news that one wants to spread.
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