Nwe Nwe Tun Does Not Interest To Be An

 Nwe Nwe Tun Does Not Interest To Be An Pretty GirlMyanmar Model Nwe Nwe Tun Does Not Interest To Be An
It is not easy to be a successful person among from sixty million people. It is interesting issue how the celebrities have personal ability and Nwe Nwe Tun had asked regarding her success.
Nwe Nwe Tun said she does not think she is success. Her avid interest is photo shooting and the audiences noticed her via her photos. She is taller and bigger than normal girls so that audiences could remember her easily. She does not feel she is different from others. Nowadays most of the people doing photo shooting as Korean style. However, she did her own style. Some models did too much editing after photo shooting so that most of the audiences cannot remember them. So that she never edits too much her photo after photo shooting.
There are also audiences who do not like her and it is not possible hundred percentage of audience like her. Some of the audiences like cute style but some they do not. But there is no more popular showing two finger during photo shooting. She does not know herself why audiences like her. She thinks audiences started to notice her since her photo shooting at Magazine covers and advertising billboard. She also does not afraid of snake and she did photo shooting with snake before. She got feedbacks from audience regarding the photos with snake and they comment that why Nwe Nwe Tun does not afraid of snake. The photos with snake made her more popular. She thinks cute style does not match with her. When she does commercial photo shooting, she just did her style according the product.
Nwe Nwe Tun likes every parts of her body however she does not like while gaining weight. Her friends comment that her nose is beautiful. The comments about her from audiences are balanced and not all of her photos are beautiful. She always prepares her hair style and body beauty before photo shooting. Although she made her mind not to act in movies, she accepted to act as guest actress in a movie. She did not have to act with many dialogues. There is taking more time acting in movies rather than photo shooting. She does not afraid of forgetting dialogues during acting. She just does not interest in working as actress.
She applies shooting makeup if necessary but she just applies makeup by herself during photo shooting. She prefers to apply Thanaka rather than makeup when she is going outside. She watches video movies and listens music when she is alone.
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