Nang Thiri Maung Asks “What is Love?”

 Nang Thiri Maung Asks “What is Love?” Myanmar ModelHot Model Nang Thiri Maung Asks “What is Love?”
" Nang Thiri Maung, a model who happens to be extremely popular among the younger audience, has released a series album titled “What is Love?” This series album, which was released on June 14th, features the works of plenty of songwriters such as Thukamain Hlaing, Shwe Jor Jor, He Lay, Aa Ti, Thar Gyi, and Zin Min Khant. Regarding this solo album of hers, Nang Thiri Maung says she has put serious thought into what her real ambition is and that the release of this series represents taking her childhood dream into reality. She also credits her “brothers and sisters in music” for providing the lyrics for her songs. And she has already begun shooting the music videos for this album. The estimated release date of the music videos DVD is said to be around December. She describes her album lovingly by saying this “little album” was born out of the collaborative efforts of everyone who had worked on it together with her. To commemorate the release of “What is Love?”, she and her ‘brothers and sisters in music’ held an autograph-signing event in Dagon Center’s promotion area from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. on its release date of June 14th. Also on June 21st, she has still further plans to celebrate the release of her series by holding another signing ceremony, this time in Mingalar City of Mandalay. <\/BR> Tweet Label: Model Girls, Nang Thiri Mg

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