Model Khin Injinn Kyaw Likes Both Apple

 Model Khin Injinn Kyaw Likes Both AppleCute ModelBurmese Model Model Khin Injinn Kyaw Likes Both Apple
From the first time that Khin Injinn Kyaw started to use mobile phones up to now, how much satisfaction has she gained from this contact device, and how much of annoyance has it also given her? Her response is that she has used mobile phones since 2004. And apart from the relaxation from stresses that phones give, she can also gain knowledge and new friends through apps like Facebook. It could not be denied that such easy contact within social circles has its fulfilling advantages. But she admits that there also has been some times when she feels so frustrated that she doesn’t even want to hear the ringtone of her phone. But no matter what, she always goes back to using her phone.
Currently, what is her favorite brand among all the available smart phones in the country? Her take is that a lot of smart phones have been geared to perfection. She thinks Iphones by Apples creates a difference in classes of people. She also likes the Android products like Samsung. In her line of work, when asked how many IT events she has attended, she has attended events for such brands as Samsung, Huawei, and MPT. Advertisements
In the progressing world, a lot of technology has been used to facilitate a lot of events in the entertainment industry. For instance, one can see votes for contest shows being sent by SMS or social apps with liking and sharing. She believes technology goes hand in hand with everything. In beauty contestant shows, due to the voting system that is employed, technology from such apps will surely be used on. For herself, she has her own page opened so that she could share what she wants regarding her activities as well as send out her own messages directly to the audience.
Khin Injinn Kyaw is asked what should be mostly focused on regarding the advancement of technology, as well as her opinion about this journal. She believes that due to globalization, being unacquainted with technology will result in being left behind in this progressing world. In daily life, in various parts of the world, one can see people succeeding left and right by the use of technology. Instead of using it carelessly, one should use it with careful thinking. She also reveals that she thinks this journal is one that can offer a lot of useful knowledge on technology. It is also able to attract readers’ interest very well.
Finally, the last question focuses on what she considers to be the most important things in life. And what is her personal philosophy on Art? For her, the most important things in life are combinations of attitude, moral code, responsibility, and intelligence. As for art, her take on it is that it doesn’t have to be constituted of only films, models, or singers. She thinks anything that reflects emotions, inspirations, and seriousness could be considered as art. She also vows to keep trying her best regarding her work in the art industry.
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