Actor Phyo Ngwe Soe's Wife And Son In

 Actor Phyo Ngwe Soe's Wife And Son In Burmese GirlHot Myanmar Actor Phyo Ngwe Soe's Wife And Son In
As a Myanmar nationality, Phyo Ngwe Soe knows who is culprit of flooding around the country, hardship of Myanmar nationality and his opinion on general election 2015. He is helped and donated flood victim. His son’s birthday is also coming and he will donate to children.
He may donate to Ko Wai Lu Kyaw and he supports his best for flood victim to rehabilitate. Some people are willing to work for flood victim but some people are not and it is better to ignore them. The people who can help more for flood victim should do more. However those people are disappearing during even children are helping for flood victim. People are donating at events and on road. He really appreciates about it. He said some people should do more because what they were taken from people are a lot. The main reason of flooding is the people who destroyed the environment. Even he is at their place, he will pay all he has.
He said regarding general election 2015 that he will vote NLD and he like NLD. His opinion on Myanmar that extremely good thing will come after happing extremely bad thing in country. Nation faced bad things all the time but this time is for good. His wish is same as the people’s wish and this is not the time to fight each other. There would be good if there will happen as the people’s wish fairly. There is sure that lack of interesting in general election and only a few people are interested in. It is because of weak on information distribution, educating and organizing. He suspects that they are doing it intentionally. It is also really difficulty condition to ask the people about all the political parties.
He even does not know the name of all the political parties and what they are. He thinks people has too many worries this time so that they can entertain by themselves with his movies. He is also helping what he can and he prays to get back the normal condition as before. Distribution video movie to country sides also has difficulty due to natural disaster. Some artists do not want to act in movie during people are feeling pain. It is not halting at all. Currently he is acting in movie with Khin Wint Wah directed by Ko Thar Gyi.
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