Popular Hot Photo Model Zar Zar Htet

<br />Popular Hot Photo Model Zar Zar Htet<br />Cute GirlBurmese Model<br />Popular Hot Photo Model Zar Zar Htet<br />

Zar Zar Htet is a pioneer of modeling for provocative photo shoots in Myanmar. Achieving fame and recognition as a glamour model, Zar Zar Htet is a workaholic when it comes to her Art. However, due to the revealing nature of her modeling, she has also had to endure severe criticism from the society as well as some circles in the entertainment industry. Her own mother tried to forbid her from doing erotic photo shoots in her career, but her insistence on continuing has resulted in her becoming estranged from her family members.

She discloses that her hobby and line of Art is detested by her family. Because she chose to stand up for her hobby and continue her work with seductive modeling, she has been kicked out of her home after having fights with her mother. Sometimes, she does feel distressed by the fact that her family does not support her doing the job that she loves. Even though her family tries to forbid her from such line of work as they deem it as inappropriate, she states that it is currently impossible for her to give up the job that had given her so much fame and name recognition. Even in the midst of her mother banning her from such kind of work, she still posed for her latest revealing photo shoot and even posted the pictures on Facebook. This was the last straw for her mother. However, Zar Zar Htet herself does not consider her work to be vulgar, but rather sees it as an expression of Art. For instance, she describes one picture where she is wearing thin, filmy clothing. Even though certain top parts may be a bit visible, she insists that she has protected the modesty of her nether regions by covering with one hand. To complete the look, she even carries a vase in this picture. She believes that one does not have to reveal all for a photo to look erotic, but that selective revelation is much more artistic. Her response to her critics is that the display is meant as an expression of art.

Glamour Model and Actress Zar Zar Htet concludes by giving an announcement to Tomorrow that due to her inability to give up her alluring photo shoots, she has absolutely no plans whatsoever of stopping or giving up any of her activities and involvements in the Art Industry.


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Nan Myint Moh

<br />Nan Myint Moh<br />Amazing GirlAmazing Girl<br />Nan Myint Moh<br />

New Upcoming Model Nan Myint Moh
Photo By- Min Yan Naing


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Shan Native Model Girl Nang Sandar Hla Htun

<br />Shan Native Model Girl Nang Sandar Hla Htun<br />Amazing GirlBurmese Girl<br />Shan Native Model Girl Nang Sandar Hla Htun<br />

Nang Sandar Hla Htun says she want to grateful her parents meanwhile she is planning to switch her career from model to actress. She is acting in movie series and MTVs since she gained ‘Now How’ award but she just steps into acting field now. She applied in Artist Garden to be an actress.

Photo- Ye Htut Photography

Photo- Pyay Han

Acting is her avid interest so that she parted from her parents and staying at Yangon to continue acting. She is exhausted working and staying alone. Even she faces disappointments or hardships she would never give up and she will keep trying hard. She realizes that success is not free and she will need to scarify losses for success. She made her mind to achieve success in acting field and she will try until she can grateful her parents. Although she still does not know acting skill, she will learn her best. Nang Sandar Hla Htun was hoping to be selected in final shortlisted in Artist Garden because she wants to be an actress. She will focus on acting in the future. Eventually she was selected in final shortlisted of Artist Garden on 7th Oct 2014.
She is also trying to be exactly as she wished in life. She prefers acting rather than modeling and she is stronger to be a Miss. She is still very new in acting field and she is not interested in singing. She does not have confident to sing even she does not dare to sing Karaoke with friends.


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Sandy - The New Myanmar Model with Stunning Beauty

Sandy - The New Myanmar Model with Stunning BeautyPretty Girl

Sandy - The New Myanmar Model with Stunning Beauty by Naybala Photography. See more photos inside
Myanmar Model Sandy in brilliant body shape and her fashion look amazing. Shot by photographer Nay Ba La and what do you think about this fashion photoshoot ?
“A girl’s got to use what she’s given and I’m not going to make a guy drool the way a Britney video does. So I take it to extremes. I don’t say I dress sexily on stage - what I do is so extreme. It’s meant to make guys think: ‘I don’t know if this is sexy or just weird.”
― Lady Gaga


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Shwe Yay Htin Htin Has A Warning For Impersonators From Facebook

<br />Shwe Yay Htin Htin Has A Warning For Impersonators From Facebook<br />Burmese GirlCute Model<br />Shwe Yay Htin Htin Has A Warning For Impersonators From Facebook<br />

Shwe Yay Htin Htin has a warning for people who are continuing to invent stories and matters that malign her reputation. By means of Electronic Law as well as other existing laws, she will take severe legal action against them, as announced by herself on her Facebook page.
She elaborates further about that today when she is contacted and questioned about this matter. She stresses that these days; a lot of fake accounts have sprung up, claiming the name of “Shwe Yay Htin Htin”. Consequently, a lot of impersonators have been posting stuff online pretending to be her. People who have been friends with her for a long time know which one is her genuine account. But for other people out there, they do not know how to distinguish between the real and fake ones. They may share photos and statuses from accounts posing as Shwe Yay’s, as well as reply to the fake ‘Shwe Yay’s by commenting on their pages. Speaking for the future, she has announced on her real Facebook account as a precaution that if those fake accounts posing as her were to post anything dishonest, it would have nothing whatsoever to do with her.

Despite the existence of some account users that keep sending her comments to disturb her peace of mind, she still maintains that she will keep on using her own Facebook account. Starting from a long time back, there have been people using fake accounts that send a lot of disturbing posts to her. Because they were people using fake accounts, she used to overlook them or sometimes block them. However, if she blocks a person, then the person will keep on opening plenty of new accounts and sending distressing notes repeatedly. Recently, these letters that she receives from the said accounts have become quite alarming. They have even started to contain some kind of threatening messages. Therefore, now she has declared that if these people do something from their side to taint her name and reputation with something dishonest, she is fully prepared to respond from her side with legal actions according to Electronic Law and existing laws.
Photo By- Aye Zaw Moe, Sunday Journal Cover Girl
She restates that she will continue to use her account. She places great value on the account that she has been using up to now. She feels that it would be a great pity to give it up. Therefore, she will keep on maintain it. She has absolutely no plans of opening a new account. If anyone enjoys her writings and poems on her own page and shares them on, it is something that makes her feel extremely glad and happy. However, if anyone makes use of her writings by pretending to be her, she affirms that this will count as a violation of copyright laws. As a punishment for breaking the copyright laws, any future action by such people will be dealt with by bringing on the ways of the Law.


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Contestants List Of Miss Golden Land Myanmar 2015 Beauty Pageant

<br />Contestants List Of Miss Golden Land Myanmar 2015 Beauty Pageant<br />Cute GirlBurmese Girl<br />Contestants List Of Miss Golden Land Myanmar 2015 Beauty Pageant<br />Myanmar Model

1- L Bawk Nu

The fans of Miss Golden Land Myanmar will be allowed to ask the questions for contestants for Question & Answer Portion session of final stage competition. The fans who want to give the questions would have to follow following terms and conditions.

2- Pyae Phoo Mon

3- Myat Eaindray Htet

4- Chit Snow Aung Aung

5- Su Thet Paing Hmue

6- Ja Seng Ing

7- K Po Zin

8- Nan Hsu Eaindra Bo 

9- Ja Htoi Lu

10- Kay Thari Soe

11- Youne Thiri Kyaw

12- W May Shin Sein

13- Si Si Aye Ko

14- Nang Eaindray Shin 

15- Khin Injinn Kyaw

16- Hnin Nadi Cho

17- Kathrine Thann

18- Sandi Aye Lwin

19- May Thet Paing

20- Thu Thet Su Nyunt

21- P Ja Seng Bu

22- May Myat Than Thar

23- Eaint Myat Chal

24- Thin Thae Bo

25- Eaint Pyae Kyaw

26- Snow White

27- May Yone Kyi

28- Chu Sitt Han

29- Nay Eaindra

30- Nang Seng Ing

Photo By- Eden Pictures

Whoever wants to ask the question need to do ‘Like’ on the official Facebook fan page firstly.
The fans are able to ask the questions in comment session.
The questions should be in Myanmar or English language.
Admin would delete every comments not related to activity.
Admin will choose the best and the most appropriate three questions for MGLM Final Night Q&A Portion.

If you want to vote on contestants, you need to do ‘Like’ on Miss Golden Land Myanmar Official Facebook page. (Admin would not count the vote if the voters did not do ‘Like’ on MGLM official page.) 
Voter will be allowed to vote on their favorite contestants ten times per day however Auto Vote and fake user account will not be counted. 
Due date of voting is on final stage competition 21-June-2015 at 5PM sharp Myanmar Time. 
MGLM 2015 voting system open Voting-1 and Voting-2. Final calculation of voting will count as 50 percent from both. The contestant who get the maximum voting will be awarded Myanmar’s Choice Award and will have chance to step into shortlisted Top-15 automatically. 

National director Wai Yan Aung said MGLM family donated well, water tank with 2200 gallon, generator and water pump for 200 houses in Bagan who are facing drinking water problem. They are also trying to create Beauty Pageant society can sustain to human society.
L Bawk Nu
Pyae Phoo Mon
Myat Eaindray Htet
Chit Snow Aung Aung
Su Thet Paing Hmue
Ja Seng Ing
K Po Zin
Nan Hsu Eaindra Bo
Ja Htoi Lu
Kay Thari Soe
Youne Thiri Kyaw
W May Shin Sein
Si Si Aye Ko
Nang Eaindray Shin
Khin Injinn Kyaw
Hnin Nadi Cho
Kathrine Thann
Sandi Aye Lwin
May Thet Paing
Thu Thet Su Nyunt
P Ja Seng Bu
May Myat Than Thar
Eaint Myat Chal
Thin Thae Bo
Eaint Pyae Kyaw
Snow White
May Yone Kyi
Chu Sitt Han
Nay Eaindra
Nang Seng Ing

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Myanmar Model May For Fashion Magazine Photoshoot

Myanmar Model May For Fashion Magazine PhotoshootPretty GirlCute ModelMyanmar Model May For Fashion Magazine PhotoshootBurmese Model

 Myanmar Cute and Lovely Model "May" known as Candy May on Facebook share her new photos on her facebook. See her beautiful pictures.
Myanmar Model and Actress May is cute and lovely model. Papawady present her albums in Thingyan Photoshoot , Beautiful Myanmar Dress Fashion Photoshoot.
Have you watch her tv drama series and movies ? What is your favorite ?
Model - May 
People Magazine Cover Photoshoot
Photographer La Minn Naing
DeMyat Hsu Hsu
MMake Up Nyo Nyo


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Healthy Tips From Model Girl Mo Mo Ko

<br />Healthy Tips From Model Girl Mo Mo Ko<br />Pretty ModelPretty Girl<br />Healthy Tips From Model Girl Mo Mo Ko<br />

As a person who has crossed over from the modeling world to the movie industry, Mo Mo Ko receives non-stop offers to shoot video movies, commercials, and billboard advertisements. Apart from that, she is also well-known for her strict regimens for taking care of her health. Today she imparts some wisdom regarding the ways of healthy living. So how has she been ensuring the wellness of her health lately? Nowadays, as the weather has been very chilly, she has been taking precautions not to catch a cold. She regularly takes C-Vitt tablets once in the morning and once at night time. She also has been consuming a lot of sour-tasting fruits.

As for whether she is currently active in exercise, she says that she used to swim a lot. And until recently, she also used to go to the gym on the regular. But these days, due to having no free time between shootings, she has been absent from the fitness center for a while. But she has a hobby of swimming, so whenever she could find the free time, she would go for a swim.
Even a health-conscious person like her does have some certain things that she likes to do despite knowing that they are not good for her health. For instance, she is the type of person who is very fond of the cold. Because of that, she has a self-confessed bad habit of taking a bath very early in the mornings, and very late in the evenings like 9 or 10 pm. She is well aware that this is not a good activity. Therefore, as much as she can, she tries to restrain herself and practice some control. She also tries to carefully balance the exposure to hot and cold weather, especially now that afternoons are getting very hot.

What does she like to do when under a lot of pressure and stress? Simply put, she likes to sleep it off. Also, she might turn on the music, and sometimes even movies to lose herself in them. Sometimes, if things get too stressful and complicated to take, she even loves to get up and dance to the music she opens.

She also has some procedures to maintain the well-being of her skin. For one thing, she never leaves make-up on her face for too long. As soon as shooting is over, she carefully washes her face. She always uses a toner or a milk solution after cleansing. She also religiously applies day cream and night cream. She also drinks a glass of fresh milk daily, as well as a lot of water. Also, in order to cool of her skin and replenish the moisture, she is a fan of using cucumber slices as a facial.

She admits that she is not really into nail manicures. She is also aware of the fact that if one uses nail polish for long, their nails tend to yellow in color with time. She also doesn’t keep long fingernails. She regularly trims them and just focuses on keeping them clean.

She also discusses about how she has educated herself regarding healthy living. Since before her modeling days, from when she was still in her 8th grade at school, she has always read the journal “Good Health”. She likes to follow the journal on its articles regarding what things to avoid for health, as well as easy-to-remember health tips.

Is there any specific disease that she is afraid of? She answers that she is most terrified of one day getting Alzheimer’s. This is why, in her daily diet, she makes sure she always gets an abundant supply of eggs, green vegetables, and fish. She avoids food that is oily like plague and she doesn’t like it also.

Despite all her precautions, she has experienced some memorable issues with health. Once in Bangkok, during the shooting of a commercial, her eyes got infected due to the use of eyeliner. Although her cornea was not affected, the muscles of her eyeballs got so swollen that she had to be hospitalized for five whole days. She remarks that as a contact lens-wearer, she needs to be extra careful in eye hygiene such as having to carefully rinse the lenses with solution and letting them bathe in solution overnight. Usually, when she applies eye make-up, she makes sure to line only her upper eyelids, and never her lower ones. And afterwards, she would always carefully erase every trace of the eyeliner with an alcohol- free eye make-up remover.

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10 Instagram Pictures of Myanmar Famous Celebrity Thinzar Wint Kyaw

10 Instagram Pictures of Myanmar Famous Celebrity Thinzar Wint KyawMyanmar ModelMyanmar Model10 Instagram Pictures of Myanmar Famous Celebrity Thinzar Wint KyawCute Girl

 10 Instragram Pictures of Myanmar Famous Celebrity Thinzar Wint Kyaw collection photos by Papawady. We choose Thinzar Wint Kyaw as Celebrity of the Week again as most fans are requesting her new photos.
Thinzar Wint Kyaw is one of the famous actress in Myanmar. She is about 27 years old and she became famous actress and model since 2005. She is cute , talk in attractive way.
She recently post a lot of photos on her instagram that she is working out at Gym often alone and also with other celebrities sometimes. She is looking much better and getting well body shape.  Papawady already presented her best 8 Instagram Pictures in May and it was favorite among her fans.


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