The Audiences First Notice Gonn Shein Wint Htal Was Her Seductive Modeling Pictures

<br />The Audiences First Notice Gonn Shein Wint Htal Was Her Seductive Modeling Pictures<br />Cute ModelMyanmar Model<br />The Audiences First Notice Gonn Shein Wint Htal Was Her Seductive Modeling Pictures<br />

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She became well-known due to her risqué photos. And recently, she has released an album of songs named “Mesmerize”. Today, this model, Gonn Shein Wint Htal sits down for an interview. The first topic of discussion is what year she entered the entertainment industry and the circumstances surrounding that. Her response is that she started out in 2012. Those who nurtured her for her entrance into the industry were U Mann Lay Bo (who she calls teacher), and photographer U Zaw. She recalls fondly that her ‘teachers’ taught her the ropes of the business, and through some connections, put her onto the path of the entertainment world.

However, what made the audiences first notice her was her seductive modeling pictures. She accepts that regarding her provocative modeling poses, there have been people who are able to accept her, and some who haven’t been. But she maintains that she modeled for these pictures with a pure intent of Art only.

In her opinion, what does it mean to be sensual? She believes it does not have to involve the revelation of skin or removal of clothes. But the definition would also depend on an individual’s interpretation and the way they portray it.

She also touches upon her feelings when it comes to criticism about her work. As she has said before, from the time she first started modeling in risqué photos, there have been some who were accepting and some who were not. She admits that whenever she faces strong criticism, it naturally upsets her. And hearing words of encouragement from some people would uplift her moods.

And what was the audience’s feedback to her songs in “Mesmerize”? She explains that the album got a release only after great difficulty. During the filming of the music videos, she got into a serious accident. She needed to take a bed rest for three months to regain her energy. In this way, one whole year was wasted. However, this did not reduce her ambition and she went on trying her best. She got some support and encouragement from family members and fans. The biggest encouragement came from her elder sister, Min Maha Thwe, who is a song writer. She was also involved in the accident, and had injured her head. However, even to the point of disregarding her own health, she worked hard for her younger sister to get an opportunity to release the “Mesmerize” album. When it came out, the fans were accepting of the songs, and they cheered her on.

Is she now able to withstand the attacks and hardships of the entertainment world? She muses that attacks and hardships come not only in the entertainment industry, but also in all areas and aspects of life. For the most part, she has the stamina to stand against hard times. She says it is just like the Buddha’s wise saying, “If one cannot stand hardship, one will lose opportunities.”

She also talks about her current projects and involvement in the Art world. She is shooting a movie directed by Thi Kit Nay called “The Idiot Who Wants to be Boss in the Clever Man’s Country”. She is co-starring with Yone Lay and Kyat Hpa. In the line of music, there are also plans to release another album. For films, she comments that she will continue to act as long as roles come her way.

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