Talented Singer Ni Ni Khin Zaw Has Gotten Success In Her Clutches Within Six Years

<br />Talented Singer Ni Ni Khin Zaw Has Gotten Success In Her Clutches Within Six Years<br />Pretty GirlCute Model<br />Talented Singer Ni Ni Khin Zaw Has Gotten Success In Her Clutches Within Six Years<br />

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With six years of experience in the music industry, she has gotten success firmly in her clutches. Similarly, she has also achieved outstanding capacity in her education. Now, during a meeting with the very talented Ni Ni Khin Zaw, there is discussion of her second album and other matters in her life. Regarding music, she has recently been filming 2015’s Master Selection compilation. Also, she is trying to get her second album to be released in the upcoming month. The songs have been mostly completed. She hasn’t given the new album a title as yet. She reveals that this new album will be very different from the first one.
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And what are her expectations for her second album? However, her response is that whenever she works on something, she never places much expectation on it. She would simply work on it with the best of her abilities. She aims for a June release for her second album. The exact date cannot yet be set. The music genres would be her usual styles that she usually sings. She reveals some happy songs will be included in this album. Then, there will be country music styles as well. There will also be songs similar in style to her hit “Gal Bal Gal Bal”. In fact, a new, re-mastered version of the song “Gal Bal Gal Bal” song will in the new album too. Right now, the song count seems to be around ten to twelve. As for collaborations with other artists, she will tell when she is sure about which artists she wants to feature in her album.

About her feelings on the Myanmar Music Award (MMA), she thinks in a time when everyone is striving to raise the standards of music, if this awards show were to be cancelled just because of some criticism, it would be a great pity. If that happened, no other shows that acknowledge the hard work and attempts of musicians would ever surface again. She understands that it is like a custom for Burmese people to criticize. However, she thinks the criticism should be done in moderation. Everyone has their own favorite musician that they love. However, if any other musician apart from the one you love happens to win an award, one should be able to take it graciously. The audience should understand the efforts to raise the standards of music. And they should encourage and cheer for more awards show like this one to be born. In any case, she feels the number of people who like to criticize is quite small. Some do love to talk about the good things of the awards show. However, the reports make it look like everyone is badmouthing the MMA. For herself, she would like the MMA to be long-standing. No matter what the audiences say, she feels that only if this show has a long life, it will be good for musicians like her because they regard it as a cup of medicine for them. Because this show exists, it puts great influence and life into the process of music making for people like her.

Her powerful voice is one strong possession of hers that continues to be admired by fans. She talks about plans to participate in stage shows abroad. Her aim is to entertain Myanmar fans who have to be away from their motherland with a selection of songs that contains the essence of their country.

For her, the idea of performing abroad is both a happy and exciting experience. She feels that the people who live abroad mostly tend to miss and long for their mother land. When she sings her songs, she chooses those with a nostalgic essence of their country. For this upcoming time, she has chosen half of the usual songs that she tends to sing. She also plans to sing again the songs that she had sung in the Sea Games.

She also sincerely thanks her fans who have supported her Mario series. She also believes their support is a worthy reward for her hard work and effort. She feels that it is the audience who has the power to give her a place in the industry, which of course is very much wanted by her. More difficult than achieving success is maintaining success. For this, you need permanently faithful fans. New and upcoming artists also need to suitably learn to flow along the currents of an era. Since music is her profession, she doesn’t want to do anything in her work by taking the easy way.

Currently, she has been shooting commercials. Apart from them, she has also gone to other districts to perform. For the audience who has continued to support her, she resolves to work as hard as she can, to the best of her abilities.

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