Phway Phway Feels Embarrassed About Kissing Scenes From Film

<br />Phway Phway Feels Embarrassed About Kissing Scenes From Film<br />Burmese ModelCute Model<br />Phway Phway Feels Embarrassed About Kissing Scenes From Film<br />

Phway Phway has given her all in terms of performance for the big screen movie “I am a Rose, Darling”. Therefore, she is waiting excitedly with bated breath to hear the audience’s opinions and criticisms for her work. This movie, even before the filming began, had implications. Another controversy was the fact that kissing scenes were involved in the film and this led to changes in the casting of the lead actress.

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Now Phway Phway reveals that she agreed to do the kissing scenes due to her trust for director Wine. Looking back now, especially considering her father and mother who will also be seeing the film, she does feel a little embarrassed about it. She had never done such scenes as these before. However, she considers director Wine as her mentor. Another reason why she decided to take it on was her desire to try on something risky and adventurous. So she did the kissing scenes with a mindset that work was work. Both director Wine and she love a good challenge and it makes it all the more exciting for them. So this movie was not a problem to work on. For her, Wine was like a teacher to her from the very beginning when she was just starting out in the industry. He trained her and put her in his movies even before she made a big name for herself. And therefore, she had a mindset that she would do anything he wanted her to do. With that attitude, she agreed to take the role.

The most memorable scene in this movie is the one where she had to kiss lead actor Nay Toe, but apart from that, the ending scene is also quite amazing, according to her. At present, her thoughts are not on the faraway events like expectations for an Academy award nomination, but much rather fixated with a drumming heart on the audiences’ responses that should be pouring in on May 29th.

She considers this movie a milestone that represents her shift to another level of maturity and age. In this movie, she no longer plays a child-like role like what she normally is seen in. This movie is more like a depiction of real life. She muses that if pride and prejudice start to lace into love, there never is a simple ending. This can be seen in many real-life situations. Revenge based on the prejudices has also occurred in reality, as she has observed.

She reveals that watching this movie of herself has even made her shed some tears. So what were the reasons for those tears? She explains that at the time of filming, she did not yet have the experiences of life like she does now, such as the impermanence of things in life, and the highs and lows of life. At that time, she did not really know how it really felt to be in such situations. She just simply acted as a character. But now, by the time that movie is to hit the theatres, she has collected a lot more lessons in life. For example, there was the incident when her mother was hospitalized for cancer. And there had been a lot more occasions that involved difficulties, frustrations, and joy for her, making her more empathetic towards the movie.

In this year, another big film the audience can await from her is “Cupid’s Slaves”. She also has plans to work on a cartoon-like comedy with director Thein Han Phoenix.

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